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Common Core in a 1:1 World

No description

Audrey Lee

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of Common Core in a 1:1 World

1:1 in a Common Core World
Audrey Lee, Director, Curriculum & Educational Technology
Max Eissler, Chief Technology Officer
Samantha Groess, Teacher on Special Assignment


How Did We Get Here?
Martinez USD
Chromebooks, iPads, Netbooks
1:1 in 4th -12th
4:1 in TK-3rd
Our goal has always been to foster transformative instructional practices through the implementation of a
blended learning
What does that look like?
Summer Boot Camps
Blended Learning Parties
Community Workshops
The Teacher
What do we mean by
Core-Aligned Blended Learning?
Increased Student Ownership
Cross-Curricular Collaboration
Content Area Literacy
Evidence-Based Discourse
Real World Application
Authentic Student Collaboration
Increased Rigor in Student Tasks
Haiku Highlights
Today's Outcomes:
Show you what's happening in MUSD
Share what we've done in creating a sustainable plan for a successful implementation of blended learning
Emphasize the foundation and leverage that the CCSS provides for this transformation
Provide you with resources to support your own implementation
Curriculum & IT
Vision: Jargon Generator
Communication: Parent Brochures
Policies: Haiku Class: Management (COWs)
LMS: Some Haiku Training Pages
Professional Development:
CCSFs: Recent PD to Review, Refine, and Revitalize Technology
Blended Learning Parties
Boot Camp Materials
Thanks for coming!
Who are you?
IT? Curriculum?
Teachers? Site Admin?
We are in the early stages of 1:1, have some devices for students but implementation is inconsistent
We bought devices for SBAC but that's all they are used for
We have devices, some teachers use it very well, some don't use it at all
We have a successful 1:1 rollout but want more CCSS integration
All the other sessions were full
Please Give us Feedback!
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