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Environmental Law Case

For Case Abdur-Rahman v. Walker

Doug Anderson

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Environmental Law Case

Something Here Stinks Facts of the Case Legal Proceedings Laws Employed Garcetti v. Ceballos Ruling on First Amendment Protection for Whistleblowers? Abdur-Rahman v. Walker “Ruffling too many feathers”
Sept. 2004: Commissioned to do FOG guidelines
Requested sanitary sewer data
“Too scientific” and “too thorough”
Nov. 2004: Investigated sewer overflows
Told they were “ruffling too many feathers”
Jan. 2005: Had scope of work expanded to investigate whether grease was the cause of SSO
Feb. 2005: Reported two sewer overflows to supervisors
Mar. 2005: Abdur-Rahman & Petty fired
"Denied relief" Apr 2005: Filed a complaint with the Department of Labor
Sep 2006: Administrative law judge dismissed the case; administrative appeal also ruled for defendants
Jan 2007: Lost case against supervisors in the lower civil court (Northern District of Georgia)
May 2009: 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld lower court opinion
Section 1983 for Whistleblower Provision
First Amendment

"Owes its existence" Richard Ceballos claims sheriff lies of affadavit
Testifies for the defense
Passed over for promotion
Files suit, loses, appeals, loses
Supreme Court decision "Better equipped than the average citizen" Garcetti v. Ceballos test
Dissenting opinion - Missapplication of test
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