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Digital Citizenship Importance

A Quick Overview of How I believe a Utopia can be created

Joep Annega

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Digital Citizenship Importance

Digital Citizen
Joep Annega Productions
Can we reach A Utopia???
No we cannot
Its part of our world
Its too accesible
We've become too clever
We've dug ourselfs in a hole too deep Let kids be free dont have to fully participate in a society
do bad things because they want to know why its bad
If everyone tried and saw for themselves..
To be old and wise you must first be young and stupid As mentioned before, the internet started as something nice, but has ended as something unwanted.
I put very little on the internet, and do not look at other peoples business.
I knowo very many torrent, but I purchase.
Internet has ruined the lives for many people
1. Does what I do honor myself, others, and the planet?
2. Does what I do honor the creations of others?
3. Does what I put out in the world (or on the internet or other communications) contribute to the well being of others? Thank You!
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