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Git: Under the Covers

No description

Jeffrey Haemer

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of Git: Under the Covers

How Git Works
Get a better mental model
Linus Torvalds wrote git in days, not years.
Linux files have no names.
Git inode numbers are universal.
Same file contents? Same number.
SHA1s let you play Go Fish.
Git Is a Content-Addressable Filesystem
Blobs, Trees, and Commits
Where Did SCM Come From?
Branches and Tags Are Post-It Notes
Think Git, Not SVN
Files are "blobs," directories are "trees."
Having "/" gives you everything.
Commits are "commits."
Having "HEAD" gives you everything.
You have that everything in .git/
Each decade has its SCM model.
DVCS is tailored to this decade's technology.
Git is fast & fashionable, simple & sophisticated.
GitHub. GitHub. GitHub.

Gitk (and gitg) show the picture.
Branch stickies move. Tags don't.
Branches and tags are one-line textfiles.
You only own your own.
Git is really different. That matters.

There is no central repository. None.
"add" y "commit" tambien son falsos amigos.
Your repo is yours. Oh, okay, "... repoS ARE ...."
Branches are free. Free.
What kind of moron stages commits? Me.
162 commands says workflow matters.

Git is the new hotness.

If You're Playing Along at Home ...
mkdir /tmp/hello
cd /tmp/hello; ls -a
git init; ls -a
touch README
git add README
tree -a # or ls -R
git commit
tree -a
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