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BBDO AD Agency Presentation

Advertising Management

Brina Potvin

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of BBDO AD Agency Presentation

Timeline How has BBDO
Developed? 2012 1891 1928 1986 2011 THE WORK 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Company Organization: Company Organization (cont.) Environment: Relaxed nature
i.e. Graffiti and chalked walls!!

-Account Managers
- Creative Department
-Research & Planning
-Production What is ? BBDO Worldwide is a full-service marketing communications network operating across all channels through 287 office in 79 countries.

"We believe that the knowledge, experience and ideas of the 15,000 people who work in our 287 agencies can, and should, be used to find better solutions faster for all our clients, in every market." The Facts: Named after founders:
Barton, Durstine, Osborn and Batten
Second larges global advertising agency network
Headquarters: NYC
Parent Agency: Omnicom Group
The Goal:
"To create the world's most compelling commercial content"
World's most awarded advertising agency BBDO's Mission: "To create and deliver the world's most compelling commercial content." Note 1: Their Mantra "The Work. The Work. The Work." BBDO HISTORY BBDO started with one employee and no central office in 1891

TODAY: 2nd largest global advertising network and has won countless awards including Ad Agency of the Year More BBDO Today:
"The Directory Big Won" BBDO Worldwide was awarded "The Directory Big Won" for the 5th year in a row in 2012. My Visit:
Advertising Agency Presentation Rob Cherof

Executive Vice President
Chief Marketing Officer rob.cherof@BBDO.com "Commitment to a great creative that drives great brands."
-Rob Cherof

Great work that works great.

The work behind the work:

- research: InciteWork
- creative: WorkOut
- evaluation: "The Worth, The Worth, The Worth." This is how we help build our client's brands and businesses Founded by George Batten and was originally the "Batten Company" George Batten's company merged with Barton, Durstine & Osborn and became known as Omnicom is formed from the merger between BBDO and DDB Needham "Big Bang Merger" BBDO Worldwide wins Network of the Year at Cannes again & for an unprecedented five consecutive years is named Global Agency of the Year by Adweek. Last Year: The Talent 1. They make the work better 2. Their clients LOVE them 3. They are "we" not "me" 4. They are hand-raisers not finger-pointers 5. They are radiators, not drains 6. They present well 7. They have a healthy paranoia 8. They are closers 9. They pick themselves up fast 10. They do the right thing 1. InciteWork
planning process
focus: Behavior Change (DO!)
2. The WorkOut
3 day creative process
idea generation
client show-and-tell: DAY 3
"Craft the living daylights out of it"
3. The WORTH
Measuring, optimizing and evaluating "the work" in real time
designed to measure the returns of the message
3 layers The Break down: Structure BBDO Clients: Areas of specialization and focus: Consumers and B2B Jobs and Internships with Entry level internships:
13 weeks
paid $$$
80-90% Ad. majors
Portfolio Jobs Available online: "Careers" Almost
there! @BBDOworldwide By: Brina Potvin "The company continues to uphold it's reputation as a creative gold standard even as it pushes into new forms of marketing communications and collaborative ways of working as a network."
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