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Roanoke and Jamestown

No description

Colin Comisky

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Roanoke and Jamestown

Roanoke, Newfoundland
& Jamestown

Early English Settlements
IV. Jamestown
Would you be willing to move to an unknown land to live thousands of miles away from your home?
Warm - Up:
I. English - Spanish
the Lost Colony
III. Newfoundland
Some reasons that people would be willing to travel to a new land would be for a sense of adventure, to have new opportunities, to extract resources from the new land, and to do something important in their lives.
trading rivalries
religious differences
pushing 2 countries to
Spanish Armada
was defeated by England
3. England now
controls the seas

and can start colonies in America
1. island near North Carolina
2. in 1587 a group of 91 men, 17 women, and 9 children arrive at
led by John White
3. White went to England for supplies, and when he returned the colony had
Based on the video and what you know, discuss what you think happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke. Develop a list of 3 possible reasons why the colony vanished.
Now, imagine you are living on the colony of Roanoke during the time it is disappearing. Write a letter that you would leave behind describing what has happened to your colony and why it vanished.
4. the only thing found was the word
carved into a tree.
5. this was the name of an island 50
miles to the south
John White
1. Sir Humphrey Gilbert claimed
for Queen Elizabeth in
2. before he could find a location
to settle, he
at sea
1. founded in 1607 by
The Virginia Company
with 144 settlers
2. led by
Captain John Smith
3. Smith made settlers
work, explore area, and befriend the natives
5. learned how to grow

and began to prosper
6. established
House of Burgesses
, first form of representative government in America
7. Jamestown is the first
English colony in America ruled by King James of England
Working with your group, make a list of things that could go
for people settling at a new colony.
Warm - Up:
4. the
"starving time"
almost ruins Jamestown, only 60 settlers survive
the winter
Working in your groups, fill out the following graphic organizer. You may use
your text and your notes to help.
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