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Jane Eyre

No description

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

Hunger games
Song .All for you
This song reminds me of Jane Eyre because of the lyrics . The lyrics describe how shes in love and she will always be . But mostly these lyrics( These places come and go and all I do is think of you I'm on the long road home The road that leads me straight to you I know it's hard I promise you we'll be alright and through this all ) In Jane Eyre after she left in the day of her wedding . She still loved him so she still went back the lyrics describe when shes going back to her home with Mr.Rochester.
Jane Eyre
The quote he made me look weak . Relates to Jane Eyre also when she found out the day of her wedding that Mr.Rochester was married she left he made her look weak.
Personal morals
Hunger games
Main characters in the Hunger games and Jane Eyre had courage . Katniss volunteered for tribute / the game . She basically volunterred to save her sister she had courage and bravery. She also had to have courage to stay alive. Jane Eyre had courage after her parents died she basically had no one she had to face the world alone .
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