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Why we should get a puppy

No description

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Why we should get a puppy

Why we should get a puppy
They're a man's
best friend!
Reasons why we should get a dog
Benefits of having a dog
I will spend more time
outside if we have a dog.
Having a dog can improve
mental health.
Having a dog will teach
me responsibility.
Having a dog will help me reach my fitness goal.
1. Friendship 2. Love 3. Fun 4. They keep
you in shape 5. Affection 6. They're good
company 7. They will go with you anywhere
Your concerns
Dog walking
Dog's bathroom schedule
Money spent on the dog
I will walk the dog 2 of the
3 times a day. I made a
1. 6:45- I will get up to get
dressed for school (quickly)
and walk the dog around 7:00.
I will be back in around 7:20.
2. During school around 12:00
mom could walk the dog
around the neighbor hood
once. That would help mom
and walk the puppy at the
same time.
3. when I come home from
school I will walk the dog
around 6:00

I know you are worried
about getting up to let the
dog go to the bathroom.
But mom usually gets up
around 5:00. Then she can
take the dog out to go to
the bathroom.
I am willing to put money toward the dog for toys, food, ect. I am hoping that Greg and Shaun will also put some money toward the dog too.
Good dogs for us
The havanese dog is a relatively
small dog.

Height-8.5 - 11.5 inches
Weight- 7 - 13 pounds
Colors- Fawn, Mahogany, Black,
White, Tobacco, Havana Brown

They are hypoallergenic dogs
and are very good with kids. The
Havanese is a toy dog. It is smart
and can be easily trained. But
they do not do well being left in
a house for a long period of time.

The Cavachon is a small dog
just like the Havanese.

Height- about 12 inches
Weight- 12-20 lbs
Colors- White, Apricot and white,
White with black or black and
tan markings

Cavachons aren't know to be yappy.
They are hypoallergenic just like
the Havanese.
Cavachons are highly intelligent,
easy to train, and love to chase

We should get a puppy!
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