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Copy of naxalites

in 21st century

Aga Zet

on 30 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of naxalites

Naxalites* - the biggest internal
security challenge for India
in the 21st century? Agnieszka Żebrowska
University of Warsaw Naxalites-
maoist - inspired, left - wing,
extremist movement that
was born in India in the 1960s. 2000 2010 2005 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr 1925 is established CPI history... 1946 Telangana & Darjeeling 3000 villages
4000 victims riots led by
CPI activists 1964 CPI splits 1967 Charu Mazumdar (Cārū Mazūmdār) Naxalbari (Naksalbārī) 1975 emergency rule
CPI(M-L)-Liberation &
People's War Group very radical!
active today .................2000 many splits
no charismatic leaders
movement is very weak in 1980 there were 30 various groups
calling themselves naxalites unification:

PWG+Maoist Communist Centre+Red Flag=

CPI(Mao) banned under
Unlawful Activities Prevention Act in 2009 Where do they operate? 7000 villages
w 13 states RED CORRIDOR liberated zones
parallel government
people's courts
people's militia
security payments
armed struggle
assassinations (soldiers & police forces) HOW THEY OPERATE? māovādī - 'maoism' vs
khāovādī - 'bribery'

CCOMPOSA - Coordination Committee of Maoist Organisations in South Asia tribal people



educated, unemployed youth
from big cities Who are naxalites today? Manmohan Singh:
The naxalite movement is „the bigest internal security challenge that India has to face in the 21st century” counter - insurgency
counter - arguments Authorities are
avoiding responsibility there were
no negotiations people first,
business next! Manabendra Nath Roy CPI - Marx CPI - further radicalization
- ideological bond with China many stories like that China's Chairman is Our Chairman; China's Path is Our Path 2004 naxalites =
terrorists? naxalites=LAW&ORDER PROBLEM What are their demands? equal distribution of welth from the economic growth

abolition of forceful resettlements

stop exploitation & destruction of the environment in the red corridor Government's arguments:

- naxals are a threat to security, integrity
and order in the country
- they have their own business in
the red corridor
- progress has its costs
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