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Smart Home-CLEVer

No description

Emily Xiao

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Smart Home-CLEVer

Smart Home Industry
Samsung Smart Home
Strategy Improvement
What is
a Smart Home?
Samsung Business
Stratigy Improvement
Samsung Business Process
Strategy Improvement
Status of the Smart Home industry?
Current status of
Samsung Smart Home
Make your life more excellect...
er Consulting Corp,
Smart Home is a human centered smart living environment
that integrated residence environment and IT technology

1st Generation
Home security (Auto door lock, security automation)
3rd Generation
Smart Home (IT Convergence Home environment)
2nd Generation
From letter to Stockholders
Smart Home
Smart Home Brilliant you
Hardware integration with many open source OS and software
Excellence in engineering and producing consumer electronics
Innovation and design
Low production cost
Largest share in mobile phones and 2nd place in smart phones
Ability to market the brand

Patent Infringement
Too low profit margin
Main competitors are also largest buyers
Focus on too many products

How it works;
System Arhitecture
Growing smartphone, tablet, & smart home electronics market
Growing mobile advertising industry
Growing demand for quality application processors
Obtaining Patents through acquisitions
Saturated mobility markets and smart product providers
Rapid technological change
Declining margins on hardware production
Price wars

Aggressive Advertising

Major presence at national trade shows


Innovating smart appliances of the future
(i.e. smart washing machines & smart fridges)

SHP; Smart Home Protocol

Accounced@CES 2014 by Samsung Electronics
Create eco system
Network interface
protocol between home network devices
API set and framework
IPR Partnership; Patent
Patents share during 10 years
Motorola mobility
Wireless Network;LTE chipset
Handset, Display
Nest lab; smart home
Network routing
secure network tech
“Samsung will focus all capabilities and resources on ‘Life care’ area to expand its future growth.”
- Kwon Oh-hyun. CEO, Samsung electronics. Feb 2014

Next Generation Strategy; Smart City
Network H/W, S/W
Manages home energy consumption and lower energy bills.
Control home entertainment with just the touch of a button or through voice recognition.
Answer the front door from any phone in the house.
Automate a house’s lights and thermostat or change settings at various times throughout the day.
Unlock house doors from one’s personal cell phone or program the locks to bolt or unlock at specific times to let in other people like housekeepers and in-laws.
Receive emails, text messages and real time videos when anyone enters or exits.

Monitor and access a home's security system from the computer, smartphone or tablet.
See the status of a home's security, receive text and video alerts of events at home, arm or disarm the alarm, and monitor doors, windows and motion sensors.
monitoring water conditions, and being immediately notified if water is present
Remotely adjust temperature on the way home and turn house lights on/off.
Check if the door is locked from a computer, smartphone, or tablet

24/7 protection utilizing TWC's owned Emergency Response Center – Providing immediate access to Fire, Police and Medical in case of an emergency.
View live video from any computer or smartphone to know in real time when something happens in the home.
Turn on lights remotely so the house is well lit and people are “welcomed home” - or save energy and keep the lights off while away.

MFi(made for i-product) licensing- sync appliances and control then from smart electronics
Haier is the first company to team with apple and implement
Quality and functionality join forces with this collaboration of technology
Haeir has since implemented user friendly smart home capabilities within various products and appliances, including the air conditioner

These four companies provide first generation of smart home system.

The major component these systems provide is security. In addition, they provide these services using third party products. AT &T, ADT, and TWC all specialize in security. Haeir/Apple are working on the ability and technology to combine home security and safety with
remote appliance control.
"To Infinity.. and beyond!!".. -Buzz Lightyear, Oct 2007
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