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Blogging for Beginners

No description

Mark Gardner

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Blogging for Beginners

Y? Welcome! Blogging for Beginners Marge Crouch, Library-Media Specialist @ Lacamas
Mark Gardner, English Teacher @ CHS Learning Targets: ...examine "what's out there" to determine what jobs you want your blog to do. ...differentiate between "posts" and "pages." ...develop a plan for how you can maintain the work you begin today. First... 1. Explore existing CSD teacher and program sites
2. Make a list of things you'd like to try or features you like
3. Get logged into WordPress (we'll do this together after you go window shopping) the letter of the day is Why do we have "blogs"? ...to communicate with parents
...to communicate with students
...to do lesson planning
...to share audio or video
...to keep track of homework
...to provide extra ___ for kids
...to have discussions
...and more... POST: PAGE: a good place for frequent updates
typically on the "landing" page
past posts are "bumped down" as new posts are added and archived (can be searched for) more "static"
for material that won't change often
when it is updated, the previous versions or content are not archived Possibilities: uploading/linking files
adding images
adding video
adding study tools (Quizlets) Starting from scratch: 1. WordPress Log-in
2. Getting to know your "Dashboard"
3. Choosing a "Theme"
4. Creating a "Page"
5. Creating a "Post"
6. Uploading a file
7. Understanding and choosing "widgets"
8. Adding an image
9. Embedding a YouTube video
10. Creating drop-down menus
11. Other embeddables: prezi, Quizlets, GoogleForms
12... what else? comments or no comments? The Maintenance Plan: Daily?
Yearly? Consistent format? Who's your blog buddy? Let's go shopping. this will be a workshop
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