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To Kill A Mockingbird Chapters 25-26


Avery Keesee

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of To Kill A Mockingbird Chapters 25-26

Figurative Language 1 In chapter 25, we return to Scout speaking about a "rolly polly" bug. After playing with it she goes to kill it, but Jem stops her. She begins to think to herself again when she remembers what Dill had told her about his and Jem's trip with Atticus to Helen Robinson. He describes how they had come from swimming and Atticus passed them, eventually giving them a ride as they go to Helen's. She takes the new quite badly as she "hits the dirt" after sitting with Calpurnia and Atticus for some time. They lead her inside and Attius comes out alone, when they return home. The chapter ends with the kids reading an editorial about Tom's death, calling it a "senseless killing." The editorial continues to compare Tom's death to that of a mockingbird's.
Chapter 26- In this chapter, we return to Scout's classroom where Cecil gives his current event report on Adolf Hitler. This raises a class discussion on morals, and leads Scout to wonder how her teacher can criticize Hitler yet claim that in America everyone is "equal." When Scout brings this up to Jem he flips out as he is trying to fogrget the entire Tom Robinson case. Atticus then comforts her and the chapter ends. Summary When Scout tries to mash the rolly polly, Jem stops her. When Scout asks he says,

"Why couldn't I mash it?" I asked. "Because they don't bother you" (238).

This shows coming of age, because Jem understands that you shouldn't kill something that has done nothing to harm you. Important Quote 1 Important Quote 2 When Scout recalls the assortment of gossip about Tom's death some people had said,

"Did you hear about?....No?Well, they say he was runnin' to fit beat lightin'..." (240).

This shows prejudice because people assumed Tom tried to escape simply because he is colored. Important Quote 3 After Jem had yelled at Scout she came to Atticus asking why Jem had been so aggravated, he told her,

"Don't let Jem get you down. He's having a rough time these days..."(247).

This shows innocence vs. experience because Scout doesn't understand that Jem wants to forget the entire thing, but Atticus does. When Scout tries to kill the bug Jem stops her and she asks,

"Why couldn't I mash him?" I asked "Because they don't bother you" (238).

This shows symbolism because the bug represents how colored people are treated and how they should be treated. By Avery Keesee To Kill a Mockingbird
Chapters 25-26 Figurative Language 2 After the bug Scout begins to recall Dills account of the day,

"Taught him how to swim. I was wide awake, remembering what Dill had told me" (239)

This shows a flashback because Scout begins to remember what Dill had told her. Figurative Language 3 When Scout is imagining her conversation with Boo, she thinks it will go like,

"Right pretty spell we're havin' isn't it?""Yes sir, right pretty,"

This shows dialect because not many people speak like this anymore. QUESTIONS!! 1. Decide whether Jem understands the symbolism of the bug or not

2.Criticize Atticus' decision to let Jem and Dill come to Helen's, would you do the same?

3.Explain why Atticus had Calpurnia accompany him to Helen's.

4.Justify how Mrs. Gates feels about America's "Democracy."

5. Imagine you were Scout in the classroom, when your teacher said Americans don't persecute anyone, what would you do?
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