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From the House of Yemanjá

No description

Claire Greening

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of From the House of Yemanjá

From the House of Yemanjá
by Audre Lorde

Question 1
A. One face hopes for whiteness, while the other embraces her blackness
B. One face loves the speaker, while the other is ambivalent
C. The mothers faces are split between her favorite child and the speaker
D. One of the faces is a grandma who forced the mother to act white
E. One face is symbolic of the moon, while the other is symbolic of the sun.

Answer 1
A. is the correct answer because it takes into account the entire poem, instead of looking at certain sections to find specific answers based on some of the text.
Question 2
A. Powerful and condescending
B. Content and haughty
C. Sanguine and childish
D. Longing and solemn
E. Callous and lyrical

Answer 2
D. is the correct answer because both tone words can be found in the poem.
Question 3
A. Enforces the idea of 2 mothers
B. Reinforces the speakers childish need for her mom to show her affection
C. The speaker wants her mom to embrace her blackness
D. Emphasizes how selfish the speakers family is
E. Shows that the mother is over-protective of the speaker

pg 1859
Why is the repetition of “mother i need” important to the poem?
What is the overall tone of the poem?
Why is the repetition of "mother I need" important to the poem?
Answer 3
B. is the correct answer because it is the only answer that refers solely to the repetition in the poem.
Question 4
How does the speaker convey the tense relationship between speaker and mother? Think about things such as tone, diction, repetition, and imagery.
Answers 4
Tone - "a perfect daughter/ who was not me"
Diction - "bear" and "terror"
Repetition - "mother I need"
Imagery- " moon" and "sun"
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