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Liam & Brian,

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Liam & Brian,

Liam & Brian, W3, Cuba
Cuba is an island country 90 miles south from the Florida coast in the Carribean. Cuba is surrounded by the Carribean Sea with its closeest island Guantamano. Its tallest mountain is Pico Turquino which is 2oo5 meters tall. Cuba's government is a communist state ruled by General Raul Castro.
Traditional Music
The traditional music of Cuba is very interesting incorporating African, European, and a little Chinese. Cuban music involves a lot of chanting to get dancers pumped up. Afro-Cuban music also has a lot of drum banging and drums playing at once. Finally it is very loud making back round music.
Cuban Music Video
Traditional instruments
Catchy, Happy, Energetic
Cajon de rumba
Famous Cuban guitarist Compay Segundo
was born November, 18 1907, in Siboney and died in Havana July, 13 2003. Another famous Cuban musician Omar Portuondo was born October, 29 1930 in Havana, Cuba and is known for her classic voice and music. A final famous Cuban musicsan is Ibrahim Ferrer born February, 20 1927 in San Luis, Cuba and died August, 6 2005 Havana, Cuba.
Famous Arenas

Looked but none found
Music in Religion
The music in Cuba is used all over their religion. One way it is used is to express their beliefs through song. Many Cuban songs involve words like God or Jesus showing Christian beliefs.
Cuban music shows a vibrant amount of thoughts towards their religion and government. Much of the music has been effected by their culture, cities, and mountains.
work cited
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