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Shopper's Drug Mart

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 6 December 2016

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Transcript of Shopper's Drug Mart

Perception is Reality;

The best product or best service doesn’t always win in the consumer’s mind. The best marketer, that is the business which creates the best image and perception, is usually the winner in a crowded competitive space.

Why Advertise?
Competition is Increasing;

Advertising can keep you top-of-mind with your prospects and ensures you don’t get forgotten amidst your competitor’s advertising.
How Shoppers Drug Mart Can...
Drive store traffic
Build store image
Stay top-of-mind
Promote the way YOU do business
Advertising Reinforces Your Existing Customer Base;

While your competitors repeatedly try to steal market share, advertising is a great reminder to maintain customer loyalty.

Radio Creates Pre-need Preference;

Busy consumers won’t take time to read ads or websites for products or services they are not in the market for. But intrusive radio influences them on the go, before they have a need, creating preferences for your business when they do have a need and begin their search.

Radio Can Tell Your Story;

The internet has made it fast and easy to search for the facts details and prices about your offerings. But more often than not buyer decisions are made emotionally and only justified logically with research and facts after that emotional story has won their hearts. Radio’s human voice, story telling, and humour can inspire consumers to search for your facts and details online.

Your Message Stands Alone;

When your radio commercial airs, there are no pop-ups, news headlines, competitor’s ads, or other distractions to detract from your message.

Why Radio?
Wide Variety of everyday products
Known mainly as a pharmacy

Growing food selection
Competition with Walmart
Marketing Strategy
Mix 96 & PortageOnline can help you reach these customers!
Consistency + Frequency + Message = Marketshare
Marketing Plan on
Ticket Blitz
January 2 - December 31, 2017
12 name mentions weekly (Value: $6,240.00)
Name on Contest Pages and on station blog pages
Minimum of 10 "Major" contest give-a-ways per station
Minimum of 60 total contest give-a-ways per station
Total Package Value: $6,240.00
Contest Ticket promotions including
30-second commercials are not part of the Ticket Blitz package.
12PM Sports Sponsorship
Sponsorship includes intro and 10-second liner
Airing Monday - Sunday (7 days a week!)
Annual Investment: $4,200.00
What's Your Market Share?
A Sound Partnership!
What's Your Message
1 of 3
10-second Liners
What's Your Message
2 of 3
10-second Liners
What's Your Message
3 of 3
10-second Liners
Increase Marketshare = Increased Profits for you
Increase Top-of-Mind Awareness for the "Right Now" Customer
Be known as a "Go-To place for Health, Beauty, and Food"
Tell Consumers why they should choose Shoppers instead of Competition
Long hours
Knowledgeable & friendly staff
Pharmacy expertise
Recognized Brand
Challenge connecting a national brand to a local community
Lack of local advertising beyond flyers
Desire for one-stop shopping
Expanding beauty section
Consumer misconceptions
According to Stats Canada
There are 8,091 private dwellings in Portage and the RM
Annual amount spent on personal care products per household
Annual amount spent on personal care products in Portage and the RM
8,091 x $552.00 =
Radio is always accessible
Wherever You Are...Radio is There With You!
In the car, at home, and at work!
Streaming online and on your mobile phone.
Radio drives your message home, reaching your customers throughout the day.
Success Stories
Fort McMurray
Donation Drive
Local Woman Steps
Up To Help Fire Victim
CFRY Helps Annual
Kettle Campaign
Market Realities
28.8 million Canadian adults access the internet with a computer.
Users consume 39 hours a month browsing on desktops and laptops.
75 hours a month

Over 3/4 of Canadian mobile phone users own a smart phone.
Add in Mobile Browsing...
Our History
"'Built by Radio"'
30-second commercials daily
Jock Talk
Launched in 2003
# of users: 0
# of page views: 0
# of users: 76,000 independent IP addresses
Over 96% of users return
We are the #1 source of local news for Portage la Prairie and Area!
Today 2016
The Need
To provide continuous exposure of the Shoppers brand in your central market area.
To sell the Shoppers advantage.
To expand overall Business and increase Market Share.
Create brand awareness 24/7
The Opportunity
Link advertising directly to your website
Extensive promotion on CFRY, MIX 96 and Country 93
Environmentally friendly
Monthly Investment: $350.00
Your Investment: $2,500.00
# of page views: Over 2,800,000 pages of PortageOnline consumed monthly!
Online Marketing Plan
Leaderboard Ad
Local News Pages
max 4 rotations
Connected with our
Connected with our

Connected with your
With MIX96 and PortageOnline YOU will be...
Be Known
You're Needed!
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