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Energy Transfers & Transformations In A Mobile Phone

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Jasmin Partasides

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of Energy Transfers & Transformations In A Mobile Phone

for my demonstration im going to be using a little contraption to show you how ther energy is transferred through wires to complete their own little tasks, energy transformations/transfers seen in common with the phone are: Potential energy, Sound energy, Heat energy, Kinetic energy.

The Law Of Conservation Of Energy
The law of conservation of energy states that energy is always “conserved” meaning it can’t be created nor destroyed, it is however, able to transferred between objects and systems by interactions of forces, for example, when you eat something, the energy from the food you ate is transferred into your body, it stays there as only potential energy until you use it, then it becomes kinetic energy, etc.

Chemical Energy In The Phone
Inside of a phone there is a battery that conains potential chemical energy, that energy turns into chemical when the the phone is turned on, but for the battery to have any of the energy transferred into it, it needs to be charged also.
What Is Energy?
The universe is made up of energy and matter, energy gets more complicated to grasp.
energy is the ability to move, work, do anything really, energy is power.
Pretty much everything needs energy.

Energy comes in many different forms such as;
Kinetic Energy,
Mechanical Energy,
Potential Energy,
Thermal Energy,
Electromagnetic Energy,
Electrical Energy,
Chemical Energy
Nuclear Energy

Energy Transfers & Transformations In A Mobile Phone
Energy Transfers
The whole process of the mobile phones energy transfers is almost like big cycle; Charge the battery > Battery contains chemical energy which transfers electrical energy into the phone, powering it and also transferring Light energy, Sound energy and Heat energy. Then it goes back to the start again, charging the battery.

Sound Energy
Light Energy
Heat Energy
Electrical Energy
Battery (Chemical Energy)
Sound Energy In A Phone
Sound energy moves through a process of vibrating air molecules, which create a chain reaction of vibrating molecules that the ear perceives as sound.
◦The farther you are from the origin of the sound, the less the chance that you will be able to feel the vibration, and thus the less you can hear the sound.

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