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I Can Make A Difference: Salvation Army Soup Kitchen

this is abbys backup copy

abby mcnulty

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of I Can Make A Difference: Salvation Army Soup Kitchen

Planning Why We Chose This Cause Research The Purpose Our Future Plans Going There Again? The Effect Effect on Us Soup Kitchen Salvation Army: I Can Make A Difference It is a religious organization and a popular charity.
It runs programs that helps people regardless of their faith and religion.
It helps people thrive and achieve goals, and a spiritual life being a member of Salvation Army, if they choose to do so.
-WWW.ehow.com/ The History William Booth started the Salvation Army in 1852, in East London
The Army welcomed thieves, prostitutes, gamblers, and more, in 1865
At 1867, Booth had 10 workers, then at 1874, he had 1000.
-WWW.Salvationarmyusa.com/ Abby McNulty Julia Fasano Rasheeda Meta Effect On others Reflection How We Felt What We Would Change If We Had More Time We chose to volunteer at The Salvation Army Soup Kitchen because it is a great company that helps hungry people get food for a low price, every day. All of us have heard that working here is a fun thing to do, and it puts a good feeling in your heart. When researching The Army, we learned that it is a fantastic cause to help. That is why we chose to volunteer at Salvation Army. Abstract Our Action For the I Can Make A Difference Project, we chose to help the Salvation Army. We arrived at the soup kitchen around 3:30 on Friday, April 26, and started to work with the other 7 people there. To start things off the three of us put on hair nets, aprons, and gloves . Next, we helped to fill glasses with ice and lemonade. Then, we started to serve bread, butter and coleslaw, as people started to come in. Finally, after most of the people left, the 3 of us cleaned the tables and chairs. By 6:00 everybody grabbed their things and headed for the door. That is our action that we took for the I Can Make A Difference Project. The three of us in the kitchen starting to serve the lemonade. Taking Action How it impacted us When we arrived at the Salvation Army,we felt great! We were helping the community in an extraordinary way. The three of us felt that we helped out a lot because the wonderful people that we were serving were extremely thankful, or said, "God bless you" or, "Thank you for volunteering". Those are the things that made us feel fantastic about volunteering at the salvation army. All of us at the Salvation Army sign. Standing at the entrance of the building. Permission Our email of approval to Kevin Grills. Our experience at the Salvation Army impacted us because it lead us to realize that not everyone is privlaged as us, to have 3 meals everyday. Volunteering at the Salvation Army opened our eyes to see that helping people is worth doing, especially when the cause you're helping needs you. After the experience of volunteering at the Army, the three of us decided that if we had more time, we would have volunteered more than once. The Hope United Methodist Church youth group that we volunteered with goes once every month. But if we had more time then we would have not gone just with them, but with other volunteers too. This is what we would do if we had more time. If we would change one thing about us volunteering at the soup kitchen, it would have been for the three of us to volunteered a little bit more. We feel as a team, we feel that we could have done more to help out at the soup kitchen. Whether that would mean to have gone more days or stayed longer. We might have The three of us believe that going there again would be an awesome and fun experience to go through once again. It was definitely an amazing opportunity and we would gladly go again. We could all easily tell that the people there were really thankful that we volunteered.
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