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Triple Entente

For the project on World War 1

Shivabalan Nagakumaran

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Triple Entente

1894 1918 Triple Entente By Shiva and Khizer Great Britain France Russia Serbia Italy Portugal Romania Greece Belgium Albania Ireland Poland Ukraine Finland France and Russia
signed a agreement that lead to forming the dual alliance 1904 France and Great
Britain formed the
Entente Cordiale 1882 Germany,
Austria-Hungary, and Italy formed the Triple Alliance Russia joined with
Great Britain and
France and formed the Triple Entente 1907 The colonies were
also officially with Triple Entente and
a lot of countries
supported Triple Entente See video and examples
for more details. The Reason is that in 1871. Germany won the war against France and decided to form the Triple Alliance with Austria-Hungary and
Italy This made France feel
bad about the alliance and
soon Great Britain, France, and Russia were scared about Germany's
growing army and this is what these countries did... These are some countries that were part of the Triple Entente also known as the Allied Powers. This included present day countries. The examples are: 1914 World War 1 starts and
colonies of Great
Britain, France, and
Russia are at war. This
also includes Canada. Canada 1915 Italy joins Triple Entente and leaves from Triple Alliance Triple Alliance Members Germany Austria-Hungary Italy Portugal and Romania
join the Triple Entente 1916 Greece joins the
the Triple Entente
and Russia withdraws from war. 1917 France and other
countries win
World War 1.
George Lawrence
Price Canada's last
soldier is dead as
Canada's last soldier dead during WW1. In total there were about 8
600 000 soldiers who were part of the Triple Entente.
This is more than the
Population of Austria Thank you for watching. In world War 1, there were 5 691 241 people in the Triple Entente were killed and 12 809 290 people injured. This would have been like the whole population in Denmark and Senegal being injured.
64 944 Canadians and 149 732 Canadians were injured. There were countries that were neutral to
both Triple Entente and Triple Alliance. Here were
some examples. Denmark Norway Sweden Every year on November 11. Canada Commemorates
Remberance day to commemorate all soldiers who have died The reason is that Archduke
Franz Ferdinand and wife Duchess Sophie were killed in Sarajevo in 1914. This led to beginning of World War 1
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