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Robert Herjavec

Business Assignment

David Chiadika

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Robert Herjavec

David Chiadika & Leshai Duncan-Hunter Robert Herjavec Risk Taker Persistent Works Cited Robert Herjavec is a risk taker. He started from the bottom but now he's here. Robert started out working for IBM, earning a substantial pay. However, Robert wanted more, he aimed for the highest spot. He had started creating his own business. He created his computer company, having to give up his job at IBM. It is for sure to say that his risk was worth it. Perceptive Robert demonstrated the characteristics of a perceptive entrepreneur because with only one suitcase, few prospects, $20 and no understanding of the English language, his unlimited dreams led him to experience the classic "rags to riches" immigrant story. He was able to overcome this hindrance and aim for the best Like said earlier Robert and his family did not have much growing up. However he did not let this slow him down. He perused his dreams of being an entrepreneur and he was able to achieve all of his goals. "Robert Herjavec." Robert Herjavec. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 May 2013.

"About Us." The Herjavec Group. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 May 2013. What did Robert do? Robert as a young man working, started to build up his computer company from his basement. Robert has built and sold several companies including a computer security company to AT&T and a technology Company to Nokia for $225 Million. Widely known as an entrepreneurial and motivational expert, Robert's business advice has appeared in numerous national newspapers and magazines. Robert is now currently the CEO of his own company, The Herjavec Group. The Herjavec Group is celebrating it's 10th year anniversary of operating its world wide noticed security services and data center services. Goal-setting After achieving his goal of being an entrepreneur Robert did not stop there. He kept pushing himself and set higher goals for him to achieve. Here is an example of that:
"Following a short retirement, Robert launched The Herjavec Group, now acknowledged as Canada's fastest growing technology company, and in a few short years has grown from $400k in sales with 3 people to currently $125 million and almost 200 people"
(Herjavec) Hardworking Robert Herjavec demonstrated every characteristic of a hardworker. From delivering newspapers, waiting on tables and launching a computer company from his basement, he applied his immense energy and ambition with outstanding success. Who is Robert Herjavec? Robert Herjavec is a Canadian businessman, specifically a world recognized entrepreneur. He is one of North America's most recognizable business leaders. A first generation immigrant, Robert's parents arrived in Halifax, Canada on a boat from former Yugoslavia. With only twenty dollars to their name, and no understanding of English, Robert focused on his dreams. Today he has built and sold businesses on his way to amassing a personal fortune of over $100 million dollars. Talk about a "rags to riches" immigrant story. (RobertHerjavec) Self-confident Robert Herjavec stated:
"It never ceases to amaze me, how many people take so little care about their personal style. I don't know whether they believe that there's an arrogance in dressing well, but I think that in this day and age, where you're flooded with data and touch points, you have to make an impression even faster than you did before."
Robert carries his head up high and show's self confidence. In his book called "Driven," he talks all about how to succeed in the business life. Flexible Robert showed flexibility even from a young age. When he and his family arrived to Canada, he had no understanding of the English language. However he was able to adjust and start understanding the western world. Now he using the same skill he learned as a child in the business world. He adjusts to newer and more efficient technology. Independent Robert shows his independence as he is one of North America's most recognizable business leader and he runs his own business The Herjavec Group. Thank You For Watching Our Presentation Entrepreneurial Skills Research Skills Robert took initiative by mixing what he loves and making it into a passion. He researched on the needs of consumers, seeing that there was a need for security services, Robert took it upon himself to provide these services for people after extensive research. Management Skills Robert shows management skills, as he organizes his venture by himself. He organizes himself and his employees. through his thorough management skills, his business is celebrating their 10th year of operations. Relationship Skills He exhibits exceptional relationship skills, he founded The Herjavec Group with only 3 partners but with his communication and relationship skills, he have been able to grow the business to 150 employees strong. He showed relationships in his previous years as well. He created relations with companies he sold his businesses to.
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