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Saran Selvaraj 2


Karthik S S

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of Saran Selvaraj 2

Second generation Businessmen
well settled
brand conscious
attention lover
likes exclusivity
well connected

Drives a car
Uses high end phone
Likes to get personal with the clients and service providers
May not be well versed in English
Attributes & Insights
Travel motives are either business in nature interspersed with visits to the famous tourist spots in the visiting country or an entirely planned vacation with family or friends mostly organized by local travel agents
Safe and cautious, they always go for the same destinations and packages that are well known and tried and tested.
Not well exposed to the newer possibilities and other more daring, adventurous and unique experiences offered by the ever growing, ever innovative industry
So even though they like to have great experiences
they haven’t explored themselves enough.
To position Saran Selvaraj as an exotic high end personal travel and lifestyle manager
Understand the client and provide tailor made services
Identify potential clients through our existing network
Contact them personally
First through a Direct Mailer
And then follow up with a call to fix a meeting
Objective of this meeting
Create a strong brand imagery
Clarity on Clients interests, experiences and mind blocks
Identify his lifestyle, trends, and attitude
After the deal is struck and delivered, proceed to talk about the client’s experience and make sure it reaches the client’s social network. This makes the client happier and creates credibility for us, thus leading us to a larger number of prospects.
Start with a brief intro about the company and its offerings followed by a questionnaire.

The questionnaire should sound spontaneous and engage the client in a casual discussion.

In the second meeting, after an analysis of the answers, the client’s interests can be identified and then be offered an attractive travel plan.
We are the life they wanted to live more.
We deal with the client’s experiences and memories – precisely the best moments of their lives
We are their life explorer
We are joy
We are their stress busters
We are their ‘merry go rides’
We should talk about what they want to be and we better sound sure and confident about what we are talking about. An element of surprise will be a catalyst.

The lifestyle standards in our client’s society is based on comparison.
As we know celebrities are the pinnacle of comparison. They also get our attention instantly.
Aspirational - Confident - Surprise
Find out the Client’s favourite celeb by going through their facebook profile.

Create a direct mailer. Cover should look like a passport. A poster placed inside that.
A follow up call from our office to Client's hand phone (preferably) to fix a meeting.
In the meeting an AV will be played with a brief intro about Saran Selvaraj and his services.
A branded folder with a compass, services listed on air tickets and a copy of AV in a CD will be handed to the client.
Then the questionnaire.
Extend the Idea
Email signature - There is no happiness for him who does not travel. Therefore, wander. The fortune of him who is sitting sits, it rises when he rises, it sleeps when he sleeps, it moves when he moves. Therefore, wander!" -The Rig Veda - 800 - 600 BC


●Mementos to the client after their trip
Business Card
Letter Head / Letter Cover
Email Signature

Direct Mailer
Editable Travel Plan layout

Facebook page
Travel motives are either business in nature interspersed with visits to the famous tourist spots in the visiting country or an entirely planned vacation with family or friends organized by local travel agents.
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