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Stein, J - hunting hat/isolation - period 7

No description

Neil Sullivan

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Stein, J - hunting hat/isolation - period 7

Stein, J - hunting hat/protect innocence - period 7
But it was freezing cold, and I took my red hunting hat out of my pocket and put it on--I didn't give a damn how I looked. I even put the earlaps down. pg 88
Holden wants to appear as though he doesn't care how he looks
His weird attire put him in isolation
Innocence not yet spoiled by self-conscious attitude
Even tries to point out how he isn't self-conscious
Then I took my hunting hat out of my coat pocket and gave it to her. She likes those kind of crazy hats. She didn't want to take it,
but I made her. I'll bet she slept with it on.
She really likes those kind of hats. pg 180
Holden shows maturity
Still wants to protect innocence
Most grown up Holden has been yet
Gives up a very meaningful hat in a positive social interaction
Later returned showing mutual trust and care
Holden is/wants to be alone
Feels self-conscious
Holden's hat is symbolic of Holden
cheap hat (not the IVY type)
unique in a childish sense
matches Holden's intentions (weapon)
My hunting hat really gave me quite a lot of protection, in a way; but I got soaked anyway. I didn't care, though. pg 212-213
Holden realizes isolation is self-damaging
He realizes his environment and accepts it
accepts the human condition proposed by Antolini
while not a lot, still improvement
I pulled the peak of my hunting hat around to the front all of a sudden, for a change. I was getting sort of nervous, all of a sudden. I'm quite a nervous guy. pg 34
Holden cares about Jane
Envies Stradlater's potential intimacy with her
Feels inferior to Stradlater
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