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The Wonders of Susan :)

This is dedicated to Susan Jeon for being such a good friend. Thank you Susan. I hope you enjoyed the prezi!!!! <3

Hannah Butts

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of The Wonders of Susan :)

The wonders of Susan
On the outside
Susan is........

Pretty, smart, always on time, an over achiever, skinny, soft, a real musician, an artist, and everything else that a truly good person can be.
On the inside
Susan is........

Kind, caring, sweet, fun to be around, compassionate, fun, irresistible, better than any amount of ice cream, humble, a ray of sunshine even on the dreariest day, and all together the perfect friend.





o sweet that you want to keep her all for yourself

nselfish every day no matter what the prize is

pecial and spectacular, loving and lovely, Susan is all of these and everything beyond

lways makes you feel better when something's gone wrong

ever gives up on even the most challenging tasks
Susan, you're the best friend anyone could ever ask for and don't you ever forget that. All of your friends, and that's a lot, love you and want the best for you. I'm so glad that Mrs. Aurthor ( I don't think I spelled that right.) put us together as stand partners. We became the best of friends and had many wonderful adventures together. Thanks for all that you have given me.
Hannah Butts
You're the best!!!!!
By Hannah Butts
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