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The 5 Themes of Austrailia

Mr.Mann 1st Period

Matthew Suddith

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of The 5 Themes of Austrailia

The 5 Themes of... AUSTRALIA Location Australia is in the Southern and Eastern Hemisphere Australia is on Australia It is bordered by the Great Barrier Reef, the Tasman Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Coral Sea.The closest countries are Tasmania, Papua New Guinea,New Zealand, and Indonesia. The coordinates of Canberra, Australia's capital, are 35.2828° S, 149.1314° E. Place Australia is known for its wildlife and deserts; or more commonly known as the OUTBACK. Mt.Kosciuszko is the tallest mountain in Australia, standing 2,228 meters tall. Close behind it is Mt. Townsend, with 2,209 meters. The longest river in Australia is the Murray river stretching 2375 kilometers or 1,476 miles! Australia also has magnificent beaches with clear blue water and white sandy sand. But, people aren't the only things that enjoy the beach; Australia's wildlife also enjoys the beach. Here
are!! Most of Australia's well known architecture is in Sydney, Australia. The Sydney Opera House is the most famous; alongside it, the Sydney AMP Tower, and Sydney Harbor Bridge. Some other tourist attractions outside Sydney, are the Shrine of Remembrance and the Australian War Memorial of Canberra. Place II Australians eat a great
variety of food from home
roast meat ( Lamb, Beef, etc..) and
veggies, to fast food fish ,n, chips. Place III (Religion and Food) Australia is predominantly Christian with about 60%, but their Constitution is like ours, where you can choose to be any religion you want to worship. In a census 2.46% are Buddhist, 2.21% are Islam, 1.28% are Hindu, and .45% are Jewish. Movement Australia's major exports, since it's mostly an agricultural country, are wheat, minerals (gold, iron ore, and aluminum). Australia's major imports are mostly mechanical like Aircraft, telecommunication equipment and vehicle parts. They also import medicinal items too. People migrate to Australia mostly by plane but, people sometimes migrate by boat. When they leave some immigrate to another country and some people leave to tour the world and 'see the sights'. Some of you may know the restaurant Outback steakhouse. Outback was not created in Australia but is known for its Australian decor and design. Human Environment Interaction
( Negative ) Some of you may know the Great Barrier Reef as just a big piece of coral , but the Reef is one of the the most diverse ecosystems on the PLANET. But, so far 1/5 of the Barrier Reef has been destroyed and a quarter of the reef is endangered due to overfishing and pollution (as seen at, http://sitemaker.umich.edu/gc2sec7labgroup3/introduction Human Interaction
( positive ) As you very well know Australia is packed with certain kinds of wildlife; recent studies show that interacting with animals have benefits for mankind. REGION Australia is in the Oceania and Australian region. THE
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