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The Sociology of Makeup

A presentation on makeup and how it is perceived on ourselves and others

Bruce Stuart

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of The Sociology of Makeup

Perceptions of Makeup
How do you perceive makeup on yourself and others?
Overall Research Question:
Written Surveys passed out to Men and Women
Data Collection:
Women and Men from the age 15, to 60 and beyond
Who Did we Target?
Our Data
Responded Well, Not much is known on Feedback
King County Transit
Very Cooperative with great feedback
Good attitudes
Pediatric Associates
Some more than happy to take it, plenty of feedback.
others... "just get the hell outta my face" -folklife goer
Folk Life
Didn't take it seriously most of the time,
had a hard time getting them back
Mount Si High School
Uncomfortable and hesitant, not willing to spend the time
Had a hard time getting people to even stop and listen
Bellevue College
The easiest to hand out and receive back
Great attitudes and good feedback
easiest going
Friends and Family
Key Trends
Survey Handout
8. What influences your perceptions of makeup?

Media Family Friends Significant Other

8. Do you notice when people don’t wear makeup?

Yes No

9. If you wear makeup, when did you start wearing makeup?

Before age 10 11-12 13-16 17+

10. How did you learn, or who taught you to wear makeup?

Family Friends Magazines Television Books

11. If you wear makeup, how do you feel when you wear it compared to when you don’t?

12. Do you think women who wear makeup are more attractive?

Yes No

13. Approximately how much money do you spend on makeup each year?

14. How often do you buy makeup?

15. Does the amount of makeup you wear change based on where your going, what you’re going to do, or who you are going to see?

Yes No

16. If yes, is it:

Who are you going to see Where you’re going What you’re going to do
Our Survey
More Survey...
1. What is your sex? (Circle what applies)

Female Male

2. What is your age range? (Circle what applies)

15-18 19-22 23-29 30-39 40-49 50-59


3. Do you wear makeup?

Yes No

4. If yes, explain why.

5. How do you perceive women that do wear makeup?

6. How do you perceive men that do wear makeup?

7. How do you perceive people that do not wear makeup?
What Does it all Mean?
What does it say about our Society?
Project Errors:
Younger Generation vs. Older Generation
Perception of Women that DO wear makeup
Perception of men that DO wear makeup
Perception of people that DONT wear makeup
Impression Management
Spoiled Identity
Body Technologies
Diversity between people
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