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Architecture of a Conference: Reading and Writing Workshop

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Eileen Farrell

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Architecture of a Conference: Reading and Writing Workshop

The Architecture of a Conference

0-2 Minutes
Name 1 thing the child has done that you hope they continue to do
Strategy, skill, or craft
Behavior of readers or writers
Volume or stamina
Compliment should be clear, personal, and genuine
Conferring Tips and Shortcuts
Form a small strategy group for students who require the same teaching point in a conference

Utilize fragments of a conference when appropriate
-Circle the room to compliment
-Pull up to students to research and decide future teaching points

Hold students accountable for their conference work
-Document your conference dates and teaching points
-Have students record goals and track progress
Choose your teaching point for the student
Decide how you will teach it
-Guided practice?
-Explanation and example?
-Shared inquiry?
Goal is to improve not just the reading/writing, but the
in Reading Workshop
Research the reader or writer
Talk with student about their progress, thinking, and goals
Examine their notebook entries, sticky notes, logs, etc. to decide where help is needed
Approach conference with prior knowledge of an area of weakness and go directly to compliment
0-1 Minute
0-1 Minute
1-2 Minutes
Mimic the architecture of a mini-lesson
1. Connect
2. Teach
3. Active Engagement
Jot your conferring notes as you go
Have the student try it with you

30 Seconds
Rearticulate what you have taught
Encourage the reader or writer to continue with the teaching point whenever they are reading or writing in the future
Ask the student what their plan is when they return to reading or writing independently

Eileen Farrell
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