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Algebra I: Danielle Flores

Danielle Flores

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Functions

A set of ordered pairs is called a RELATION The x-values of a function are know as the DOMAIN. The y-values of a function are known as the RANGE How does this work? If y=x+7 , {x = -1, 0, 3}

How do we find the range? Substitute the x-values for x
and the answers are the range! You should put the numbers
in order from least to greatest! Did you write that down? The answer is: {6,7,10} Find the range for the other example. How do I find the domain of a relation? What is the domain?
{(0,-2) ,(0,0) (0, 10)} Domain is the x-values...so all you need to do is... Write the x-values! The answer is: {0} Find the domain for
the other example How do know if something is a function? The x-values cannot repeat Can the y-values repeat?

Yes!! Is this a function?
1. {(0,-2) ,(0,0) (0, 10)} No!

The x-values are all 0! Is this a function?

{(0,3) ,(-4,5)(5 ,9)} Yes!

None of the x's repeat! Sometimes we can find
the rule of a table through Guess & Check! Let's try it! I like using the calculator though!

And...sometimes you have to! What are the calculator steps? Here you go! 2. Type the x's in L1

3. Type the y's in L2 1. Go to STAT > Edit 4. Hit Stat > Calc > 4 5. Hit ENTER. 6. Put a next to the x
and add the b!

Do you see the answer? There you go! Try some NOW! What words tell us to use STAT> Calc #4? Function Line of best fit Rule Equation Varies Directly! How do we evaluate functions? First off f(x) or g(x) or h(x) or l(x)... They just mean y!! Did you know that? Substitute the values in for x to find f(x)...or whatever letter they use! Let’s put some things we have learned together…. 3. Click 2nd Graph. Movies Galores charges $2.50 per
video, v, and a $1 one-time fee. Write the equation. Let's Practice!! For this relation:
{(4,-2) (10,8) (11,0) (-2,9) (0,4)} What output is associated with an input of 4? Let's Practice!! Movies Galores charges $2.50 per video, v, and a $1 one-time fee. •If Sandra rents 14 videos,
how much will she pay? How did you do that?
*Substitute 14 for x What is the domain of this function?
Let's think about this.... What are some possible domain values? Put that in words now!

Domain: All positive integers What is the range of this function? What are some possible range values? Range? all numbers greater than or equal to zero! Two review questions..... • What does the slope mean in the context of this problem? • What does the y-intercept mean in the context of this problem? Slope Key Words: Per- EACH - average - rate Key Words Y-intercept: Zero - no - fee - starting point
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