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College Presentation 2


Eric Yang

on 1 January 2010

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Transcript of College Presentation 2

College Presentation 2 Architect/Architecture While architecture is grounded in science, its heart is in the arts. Well-designed buildings not only serve the people who use them. They are also works of art that help define the town or city in which they stand.

As an architecture major, you'll learn how to work with others to imagine buildings, from straw-bale houses to the tallest skyscrapers. And with the technical know-how you pick up in such classes as architectural engineering and construction materials, you'll know just what needs to be done to bring them to life.
1. Columbia University
2. The Cooper Union
3. University of California, Los Angeles
4. Princeton University
5. University of Pennsylvania 6. Yale University
7. University of California, Berkeley
8. Harvard University
9. Rice University
10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 11. University of Notre Dame
12. Ohio State University
13. California College of the Arts
14. Northeastern University
15. University of Minnesota
16. University of Maryland
17. Pratt Institute
18. University of Michigan
19. New Jersey Institute of Technology
20. University of Virginia 21. University of Southern California
22. University of Texas at Austin
23. University of Houston
24. University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee
25. University of Washington Are You Ready To...?
Build models
Draw plans of your own building ideas
Research and write papers
Take physics and calculus courses
Learn about preserving and restoring old buildings
Study architectural styles and history
Think about how buildings affect individuals and society It Helps to Be...
A creative problem solver. Because architects never work alone, it also helps to be good at working with other people -- so start building teamwork skills now. Before any building is constructed, it exists in the mind’s eye of an architect. Architects design buildings in which people work, worship, play, and conduct the countless other activities of their lives.

Consider the building you’re in right now. Where are the windows placed? What materials were used to construct the building? How does the structure sit on the site it occupies? What style of architecture is used? And how do people use the building? The building’s architect once considered all these same questions.
Are You Ready To...?
Work long hours under deadline
Produce designs based on client needs
Create detailed blueprints and models
Choose building materials
Work within budgets
Know about building codes and zoning restrictions
Supervise construction at noisy, dusty, busy sites
Hold many meetings with clients, engineers, and others It Helps to Be...
Creative and artistic but also very attentive to detail and able to communicate well. Good Colleges (2009) Architecture Architect Outlook
Government economists expect jobs for architects to grow faster than the average for all careers through 2016. Architecture is a popular career choice, and you should expect competition when it's time to look for work. Landing that first job can be difficult, especially at firms with the best reputations.

One trend that will affect architects is the growing need for healthcare facilities and retirement communities, as baby boomers begin to retire. Also, as the population increases and buildings age, schools and universities will look to renovate and add to their campuses. By: Eric
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