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No description

Megan Brown

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Propaganda

Propaganda Who's influencing YOU? Card Stacking Propaganda Strategy of showing the product's
best features. Telling half-truths
and emitting or lying about
it's potential problems. Glittering
Generalities Name Calling The use of names that
evoke fear or hatred in the
viewer. This technique links
a person or idea to a
negative symbol. Plain Folks The use of everyday people
to sell a product or service.
Speakers in ads appear to make
the person to be one of the people. Testimonial Transfer Band Wagon Attempts to persuade the target
audience to take a course of action.
This technique reinforces peoples
natural desire to be on the
winning side. Propaganda Focus Name Calling Band Wagon Testimonial The act of relating something or
someone we like or respect with
a product. Symbols are constantly
used in this form. The act of referring to words
or ideas that evoke a positive
emotional response from
an audience. The use of well known, respected
people to endorse a product
or service. Doing something because other people are
Thought that people would like you better if you did it
Following the in crowd Often used in war
or political
Pointing out negative
attributes about
someone or
Using words or images
to create a sense of
fear or prejudice Using a famous or
well-respected person
to relay a message
Someone that is easily
recognizable is used
to endorse a product
or idea Propaganda Appeal To
Emotions Manipulation Public Opinion Persuasion Multi-Billion
Dollar Industry Commercials Advertisements Influencing
Attitudes Presents
Information One-Sided
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