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Freedom V. Control

English Presentation

Nicole Waters

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Freedom V. Control

Control vs. Freedom freedom can help you become more independent
having freedom doesn't mean you gain control of others FREEDOM Conclusion We may take our freedom for granted sometimes, but we all may need a little bit of control in our lives sometimes to keep things in order. There is such a thing as to much control, for example Nurse Ratchet and her control over the ward wasn't good for the patients, and they didnt start to smile and enjoy themselves until McMurphy came, that is why we think freedom is much better than being controlled. McMurphy brought the patients freedom by going against what nurse Ratchet wanted, and it made the ward a much better place to be at. McMurphy became a martyr to the patients, because Chief didn't want him to become a symbol of the nurses control. why freedom is better then control Which of the two options do you think is better; to be controlled by someone, or have freedom and only yourself controlling you? Control if you are in control others then you are not truly free. Nurse Ratched is a very good symbol of control
in the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest She rules over her ward very strictly and before McMurphy
comes in she has
absolute control over what goes on in her ward. you gain freedom when you are able to make your own choices Freedom and control have a never ending battle between each other. In the book nurse Ratchet has complete control over the ward, but when McMurphy shows up he slowly gives the patients more freedom by going against the Big Nurse. This made the ward a better place for the patients, so we believe that having freedom is much better than control. you can make your own decisions that benefit your well being. examples nurse ratchet had control of everyone on the ward. everyone is unhappy and keeping to themselves until RPM comes onto the ward and everything lightens people smile and have fun because McMurphy taught people to have their own type of freedom. Collin Wagner Nicole Waters Gary Sexson Elizabeth Wright although most patients were sick and needed help they gained their own sense of independence after mcmurphy had come onto the ward. freedom allows you to chose your own future in this world 5 main types of freedom
physical freedom
time freedom
financial freedom
spiritual freedom
political freedom " I'm a rabbit. The doctor is a Rabbit....We need a
big strong wolf like the Nurse to teach us our place"
(Kesey 64) Harding is comparing the ward patients and the doctors to
timid rabbits who have no choice but to follow the orders of the big Nurse. "She has all the power of the combine behind her" (Kesey 113) Cheif adds a remark about
Nurse Ratched's power. This morning I plain don't remember. They got enough of those things they call pills down me so I don't know a thing till I hear the ward door open. (9) The way Nurse Ratched controls her ward is unhelpful to the patients.
From having been under her control everyone in the ward has even lost
their willpower to laugh out of line. "but its not the way public relations laughs, its free and loud and it comes out of his wide grinning mouth and spreads in rings bigger and bigger till it's lapping against the wall all over the ward." (12) use of pills to deprive the patients of taking control of themselves and others, makes patients weak and forgetful, and can sometimes be unhealthy is defined as personal liberty as opposed to slavery Freedom is one of the main themes during the book. One of the main characters who demonstrated freedom was McMurphy freedom cont. the fishing trip the patients went on is a big example of freedom in the book. It resembles freedom because its the first time the patients have left the mental hospital to go do something that the normal human would do. "I was flying Free." (324) even though nurse ratchet said no to the trip at first they got enough people together to vote to be able to go fishing which was a major changing point in the book with freedom and control because it finally let the patients do what they wanted to do instead of nurse ratchet telling them what to do. McMurphy arrived at the ward and when he did he always wanted more for the patients. He wanted them to be able to gain more privileges, and he also made them laugh which is a sign of freedom. "I could see some good in the life around me, McMurphy was teaching me" Control Control continued Do you think there's such a thing as
too much power? Another example of freedom is when chief kills McMurphy at the end of the book. It freed McMurphy from being a vegetable. Chief knew that McMurphy would never want to live like that, in a state where he would be trapped in his own body and unable to make decisions for himself. His freedom was taken, and he needed to be set free. Chief saw a sort of freedom in McMurphy's death. Having your own power is better
than being controlled. You can make
your own decisions about what's best
for you Control continued This Theme heavily relates back to real life. In life many people will try to control you thinking they're doing the best for you.

"Army nurses trying to run Army hospitals" (Kessly. 278)
Nurse Ratched was too strict but she was only doing her job the way she knew how to. can you take freedom for granted? I would say most people do take their freedom for granted. In the book all the patients didn't have any freedom. They were forced to stay in a building, and they were told when they could do certain things. When McMurphy came he was shocked when he was the only one who would stand up for what he thought was right. This shows that McMurphy took freedom for granted outside of the institution, just as some people today do. Nurse Ratchet had the patients under so much control that they really didn't know what freedom was anymore. Which type of freedom do you think is most important? The definition of control is "to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command."
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