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Vietnam Book four: Casualties of war

No description

Laura Cody

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Vietnam Book four: Casualties of war

Vietnam Book four: Casualties of war
Author: Chris Lynch
Prezi by: McKenna Gabbei
The book starts with Beck, the main character joins the air force. He tells some about his past and how his parents and his sisters are brainiacs and want him to stay in the U.S. and take his scholarship to the University of Madison at Wisconson which is going to be held for him while he is in Vietnam.
In Vietnam, he took Hurcules to Phu Cat. One of the coolest phrases to Beck. His first plane is the C-123 provider wich provides Agent orange, a chemical to kill of plants so the VC (viet cong) can't hide in the brush.
During one of his missions, his provider gets shot down. Three of the five crew members are killed, and his co-pilot takes command. Then, his co-pilot gets killed. Most Vietnamese christians are persecuted, and one of the two that captured him is Christian and Beck has a scapular. It saves his life. It's true that God saves. Then a Heuy saves him for good.
So Beck gets to go home for a bit but then he gets delivered by Hurcules to Phu Cat. This time, he is stastioned at a different base where his new plane is a AC-47 Spooky gun ship. His pal, Morris had been planning a way for them to meet up. Then his plan worked, they could meet at a base in northern south Vietnam. Rudi doesn't go, so they go to him. He's not anything like they remember.
I reccomend this book to 5th grade and up.
detailed fun cliffhanger intence heartbreaking
" amazingly awsome"

"a great ending book"
-New York Times
Genre- Historical Fiction
Becks quote-

"There is no logic to war"
"a great war book for this age group"
-Kirtis reviews
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