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No description

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of NSA

- Eric Schmidt, Google Executive Chairman, in an interview with WSJ Digital Network
fallacy: red herring
"Do you really want government to be tracking all those information, especially if you're a domestic citizen?"
"scare tactic", emotive language, dysphemisms
"What is the purpose of having the right to have your own freedom but not being able to live in peace when someone is watching over you like a prisoner"
Americans these days dont feel like they have privacy
But reports make it clear that NSA is working hard to stop terrorist attacks and strengthen U.S operations.
NSA/CSS website: nsa.gov
Drone Campaign
Uses armed, unmanned aerial vehicles which are often presented as limited territory of the CIA.
Latest NSA News:
Statement to the Press: NSA's Activities:
Valid Foreign Intelligence Targets Are the Focus
In this article, NSA says recent press articles have misstated facts about the NSA. The NSA is following legal orders and only out to get foreign intelligence information. 70 years ago, the technology was not as advanced, but now terrorist can use high technology to their advantage. NSA only looks for these targets, and they protect US and citizens of other countries. NSA is working to remove innocent citizens' information and collections as soon as possible.
appeal of force or scare tactic by using "terrorism" and also a bit of red herring
Stop Watching Us
Bandwagon Appeal
"In a surveillance state democracy itself is dead..."
A Modest Proposal
Heavy Sarcasm

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