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The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber

No description

Justin Gott

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber

1) What quote is an example of irony?
a. "looked fit — tall, well-built, trim and healthy”
b. “It’s been a very strange day”
c. “You’re not afraid, are you”
d. “His wife had been through with him before but it never lasted”

2) Who was the safari guide in the story?
a. Francis Macomber
b. Robert Pattinson
c. Robert Wilson
d. Rebel Wilson

3) What is not something that describes the relationship between Francis and Margot?
a. Lovey-Dovey
b. Tense
c. MANY problems
d. Stressful

Multiple Choice Quiz!
Discussion Question...
1. Did Margot shoot Macomber on purpose? Explain your answer?

2. Why does Wilson torment Margot after she shoots Macomber? What do you make of her reaction?

3. Give reasons of Wilson’s terrible attitude? Give examples?

Exploring Short Stories
!Plot Diagram!
By: Ernest Hemingway
"The Short Happy Life of
Francis Macomber"

4) What led to Francis Macomber’s death?
a. The water buffalo
b. Margaret Macomber
c. The old gun-bearer
d. Fell out of the buggy

5) Francis Macomber could be described as _____ at the beginning of the story?
a. Scared
b. Accomplished
c. Impatient
d. Infuriated
Tone- Sam T.
Characters-Nate C.
Setting- Sam M and Reece
Plot & Point of View-Sam Mc.
Theme- Liv
Historical Context- David
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