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Diary of Johny burg (whith horrible things in it )

No description

thames thames

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of Diary of Johny burg (whith horrible things in it )

BAD on top of BAD
My family
My S.mother is called Olivia (S = step) and My S.fathers called Louis.
They are really rich and they have lots of computers and windows .
(if you get the joke its good)

In the school there are some cool guys who bully me.I try not to listen to them but I just really can't
ignore them.
The leader bully is called Mike Coldstone.
Mike Coldstone
I exactly hate my name because I often get bullied because of it.
Eg : in the class they would say oh my !!!, burglar are you going to rob me ? Today I have my favorite burger whith me.Dont eat it burger face.
Almost all the boys are in love whith her.Mike is also in love whith her so we try never to talk about it because once we talked about her and we all melted but thanks god I saw him loocking around like whats hapening and then I acted as if i wasn't in love.
At year 13

It was the end of secondary on the bal we (me and Georgina ) were just right next to each other and then she touched my hand and after that I said i love you and she said she also and poor Mike saw this all hapening and ran out of the party.
Him and his secrets
Dear diary...
Im an orphan...

I am bullied...
My love
I have a love...
But the bully...
It seems that she ...
Thats our school
Thats Georgina my love.
Thats the bully.The bully is called
Mike Coldstone.
Thats me .
His father has an Ice cream factory whch is caulled Coldstone , in summer but in winter he has a winter fashion designer job (for men)
Why does he bully Me ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Diary of Johny Burg
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