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A Weird Animal - Platypus

English Project

Christy Chan

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of A Weird Animal - Platypus

A kind of semi-aquatic
mammal Habitat Small creatures
(2 feet long)
6 pounds Body Traits worms
small crabs
shrimps Diet Active at night
dark and dusty places Habits Female platypus digs burrow nest, lays 1-3 shelled eggs Reproduction http://www.exploringnature.org/db/detail.php?dbID=43&detID=1009 Reference A member of the monotreme of egg-laying mammals' family! Live aside rivers or lake and coastal waterways Australia Thick outer coat that is waterproof
a warm under fur no teeth
mash prey in their bill Warm eggs for 10 days until they hatch Babies drink milk Corrine Tsang (29) Alice Wong (30) Rachel Yip (35)
Christy Chan(3)
Range: Only one kind of platypus Class: Mammals Platypuses English Group Project ... small Live in a hole Rest in burrows Blasking in the sun
gromming our dense Near the entrance of the burrow fur Platypuses got something weird!! Do you want to try some??? Otters Beavers
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