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Queen-Don't Stop Me Now

This is the 8th grade Meaning of Music project.

Alec B.

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Queen-Don't Stop Me Now

Queen-Don't Stop Me Now By Alec Bader
Period 8 I: The Beginning I came to know this song through my father, who is an avid Queen fan and
played this song frequently. Don't Stop Me Now is composed by Queen, who also performed the song. It was written in August/September of 1978, in France. The instruments used in Don't Stop Me Now
are the piano, the drum set, the electric
guitar, and the electric bass, all layered
together to create a nice sounding
rhythm. The story told in this song is about Freddie
Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, getting
hyped up on happiness. On the edge of
everything, he is just explaining how nothing
can bring him down, because everything
is just too great. The message that Queen is trying to portray
is that don't ever let yourself get down
over silly things, because in the end, everything will turn out great. II. The Story Queen chose to tell this story because
Freddie himself was large on having such
a good time. The only way to express
his immense amounts of joy was to
write this song. III. The Emotions The feelings that this music
portrays are happy and
energetic. I like this song because whenever
I'm feeling down, this song will show
me that nothing can ever be so bad that you won't be able to be happy again. Don't Stop Me Now relates
to my life in a way that having fun is something that I
quite enjoy doing. It's something that I'll hopefully be doing my entire life. IIII. Connections Other events going on
in the world when this song was written were the murders done by Yorkshire Ripper, "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" was first premiered by BBC 4, and Naomi James became the first women to sail the world without the assistance of anyone else. During the time period, this song was inspired by, well, nothing really. It was made off of Freddie's own intent. This song connects to American Culture in a way that
everyone likes to have fun. It is the
way of life just to enjoy yourself
and have a great time with your friends. This song connects to the
people of the world in
the same was as the previous slide-
everyone loves having fun. V. Closing Some major info that I would like
to share is that Freddie Mercury died on November 24, 1991. Other members of Queen are Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor. Queen is no longer together, therefore they
are not producing any more songs. Queen's message in this song is just to
keep having fun, no matter what happens.
Never get down on yourself, because
nobody can stop you.
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