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How to write AAAWWUBBIS sentences

Kayla and Stephen Briseño

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of AAAWWUBBIS

Let's Read!
Abhor hate
Bigot narrow-minded, prejudiced person
Counterfeit fake; false
Enfranchise give voting rights
Hamper hinder; obstruct
Kindle to start a fire
Noxious harmful; poisonous; lethal
Placid calm; peaceful
Remuneration payment for work done
Talisman lucky charm
Word Generation Week #3
access: Permission or ability to enter

conflicted:Experiencing a mental or emotional struggle

implications:Something suggested or expressed indirectly

regulation: a rule or order issued by an authority

temporarily: lasting for a limited time
"If there was an Olympic contest for talking, Shelly Stalls would win the gold."

--Wendelin Van Draanen, "Flipped"
Now you try...
Let's Read!
If you spot an AAAWWUBBIS,
let me know...
"Is, are, was, were, be, been, am!"
"It was like nothing on earth we had ever seen. Fred, Sam, and I were standing in front of strange trees
and giant ferns. A rocky cliff was rising behind us. A volcano was smoking ahead of us."

Jon Scieszka, Your Mother Was a Neanderthal
An starts a sentence;

it is a

A comma will go right after the

Let's practice. Write at least two AAAWWUBBIS sentences for your

"After the twelve pages, she looked to the end to see how many more pages there were to go: more than two hundred."
E.L. Konigsburg, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frakweiler
"As the candy cools, the pressurized gas is released and shatters the candy."
Steve Almond, Candyfreak

"As it drew within a few feet of me, it opened its mouth."
Peter Benchley, Shark Life

"As if to welcome them, a half-dozen lights on tall poles flickered to life."
Lynne Rae Perkins, Criss Cross

"While I have problems feeling part of my family, I do
feel a kinship with our house."
Gail Giles, Dead Girls Don't Write Letters

"Since the ink wasn't waterproof, it turned his teeth blue."
E.L. Konigsburg, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

"Since Roy had last seen her, she'd developed deep furrows in her forehead and an angry voice."
Peter Abrahams, Nerve Damage: A Novel

There are two types of verbs:
verbs of action and verbs of being.

The Verbs of Being are:
Sometimes verbs of being are necessary;
sometimes we can change it up to craft sentences that have more POP!

Steps for Revising Verbs
1. Circle the VERB in each sentence. Focus especially on the verbs of BEING.
2. Look at the WORD that immediately follows that verb.
3. If it is a WORD that ends in -ING, change that verb to its past tense form.

If there was an Olympic contest for _______________, ___________ would win the gold.
Like OMG,
he's so cute!
If there was an Olympic contest for being awesome, Mr. Briseno
would win the gold.
I'm so awesome.
Neal Shusterman, The Schwa Was Here
"If I stand in a room and no one sees me
Let's Revise
Let's revise these sentences into AAAWWUBBISs
1. My brother would not have gotten into trouble if he had only listened to the teacher.
2. I failed the test since I didn't feel like studying last night.
3. Bullying will stop when students start thinking about their actions.
Let's Combine
I was angry.
I started screaming at the teacher.
Mr. Briseno sent me to the office.
Combine these three sentences to make an AAAWWUBBIS sentence.
Put them in your essay to make it better!
it's like I was never there at all."
Today's Journal
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Journal, poem, or story:
The school should change...
Free Write
Today's Goals
1. Review a peer's essay to make compliments and suggestions.

2. Write successful AAAWWUBBIS sentences

Find a partner
and sit next to them.

Send each other your Rough Draft
using Google Docs.
Read it. Ask questions. Compliment it.
Review their essay.
Copy at least one sentence
that you think is written very well.
Paste it onto padlet and give the
author credit by posting their name.

Star Points
Instantly at the same time we screamed “yes”!
Having fun,and not suffering in class.
So we picked up textbooks.
The Psst! Test
Pretend like you're
telling a friend
the sentence you wrote
and think, "Did I just tell them
a complete statement?"
Three Ways to Join Sentences Legally
1. , And (fanboys)
3 . B
2. ;
Ex. We had dinner it was good.
Three ways to fix:
We had dinner, and it was good.
We had dinner; it was good.
We had dinner. It was good.
Psst! Test
Thin air
, fanboys
. B
It was Saturday I slept like a bear in hibernation when I heard the vicious barking.
How many statements?
Correct for final draft.

New blog post

AR Test

Journal Check
Today's Journal: 10.20.2014
Or Free Write
Today's Goals:
1. Revise essays by practicing
two new writer's toolbox ideas.
2. Review the rubric used for
scoring your essay.
Submit it to my blog. The link is on Edmodo.
Add this next title to your Writer's Toolbox.
Write down two example sentence.
Post on blog. Complete all three.
Post on blog.
Write whatever
you want.
1. Write:
in ink, any readable color
for ten minutes daily
2. Date every entry.
3. Journals are confidential, with two
Don’t include profanity or incriminating
Journal Guidelines
Rough Draft #1: Due Thursday, Feb 5th
--A Strong Lead (minimum 7 sentences)
--Narrative Elements
--One 3-in-1 INFOSHOT
--One Absolute "Sentence"
--Two AAAWWUBIS Sentences
--A Creative Title
Writer's Craft
--Skip lines/double space
--Indent paragraphs
--800+ words
--Word count written
at the end
--Neatly written
All identified/underlined in
some way

New Blank Journal
by the end of the week.
Analyze an exemplar essay for
writer's craft.
Time to write
Rough Draft #1
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