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Management 100

Management 100

Shelley Cable

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Management 100

Founded 1837, Ohio
35th largest public company in the world
Consumer packaged goods industry
Its international market presence and complex operations requires Procter and Gamble to thoroughly plan all aspects of business operations in order to ensure company survival through efficiency and effectiveness at all organisational levels. Background Founded in 1837, Ohio
35th largest public company
Consumer packaged goods industry Background Profit People Planet Efficiency How productively resources are used to achieve a goal Effectiveness The appropriateness of the goals that management is achieving, as well as the degree to which they are achieved Corporate-level Business-level Functional-level Strategy 90% of sales and profits come from household, beauty and grooming products
Brand building strategy
Innovative goals
$2b R&D Profit Global Business Units
Focus on consumers, brands and competitors
Innovation, profitability, shareholder returns
Market Development Organizations
Analyse consumers and retailers
Integrate innovations into business plans
Global Business Services
Provide business support services
Leverage P&G's scale for a winning advantage
Lean Corporate Functions
Ensure ongoing functional innovation and capability improvement. Employees: Corporate structure 100% renewable energy
Zero CO2 or toxic emissions emitted
Zero manufacturing waste to landfill Zero consumer waste to landfill
100% renewable/recycled materials in all products and packaging Planet The process of identifying and selecting appropriate goals Planning (Procter & Gamble 2012) (Forbes 2012) (Procter & Gamble 2012) (Waddell, Jones, and George 2011, 8) (Waddell, Jones, and George 2011, 5) (Waddell, Jones, and George 2011, 5) (Waddell, Jones, and George 2011, 313) (Procter & Gamble 2012) (Procter & Gamble 2012, 24) (Procter & Gamble 2012) (Procter & Gamble 2012) (Procter & Gamble 2012) (Procter & Gamble 2012) References Epstein, Marc, and Kristi Yuthas. 2012. “Analyzing Sustainability Impacts.” Strategic Finance 93 (7): 27-33.

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