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Boy Overboard

A story about a boy and his family escaping from a war ridden country, Afghanistan heading towards Australia. The boys biggest dream was to become a world famous soccer player to earn respect for his country and stop the horrific bombing.

Kayla Pearce

on 20 June 2011

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Transcript of Boy Overboard

Boy Overboard By Morris Gleitzman Introduction: In the heart of Afghanistan, a Boy named Jamal and his Family were one of the many victims of the harsh Goverment rulings. With Bibi at only 9 years old it's hard for Jamal to keep her out of trouble.
Which goes to show the trouble she causes when she decides that she wants to play soccer with Jamal and his friends.
In Afghanistan it's against the rules for girls to play soccer. Bibi ends up in trouble she goes to get something and she stands on a land mine.
Will she get blown up? On their way home they run into Mr.Nasser who thinks that they have broken his basement window. Jamal denies it and shows him a trick to prove it, but accidentily smashes another window!!! When you reach a certain age in Afghanistan you are no longer allowed
to go to school. Bibi and Jamals mum was running an illegal school when the goverment finds
out they blow up their house. They decide to move to Australia. They go to a refugee camp and pay to get smuggled to Australia When they get chosen to go on the boat
they get split up. Bibi and Jamal go on one boat
and their parents go on the other boat. They spend 5 nights on the boat freezing in the night and boiling in the day. They have to face pirates, fires and many other things. When they get to a little island which they
think is Australia they are told that the other
boat has sunk and there were only a few survivors. When the search boat comes back they get the surprise of their lives!!! Presentation by Kayla & Brooke Pictures by Maddy & Tayla In between all of this there mum gets caught by the government, they get seperated they meet new people make new friends struggle through the freezing days and have no food with millions of other people moving away from home is a hard thing read the book to find out more of the struggles the Jamal has to face with his family. Thankyou for watching and go pick up this book
to find out more of what happens
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