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Milestone 3/4

No description

Blake Bigelow

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Milestone 3/4

Demo Storage 200mb per student
30,000 students
6TB of total storage (does not include backup) Encryption AES 128 bit encryption - secure data Authentication SSL - safe and secure Implementation and
Maintenance Plans Coding User Participation
"Voice of Customer" captured JAD RAD Prototypes
Dynamic Req Gathering
Flexible JRAD Use Iterations (RAD)
Collaborative Workshops (JAD) Testing understand the system
documentation Types Inspection
Integration Done by Coders and Support Staff Maintenance Plan Ticket System already in place BMC
Feature Requests added to the system
Releases every other month Design and
Implementation Relationships Test Query Milestone 3/4 Jacob Jones - System Architect
Matt Kern - Project Manager
Nick Barker - System Expert
Blake Bigelow - Database Admin Questions?? ER Diagram Database Design Microsoft SQL server 2008
Built to scale (Normalization)
Security, SQL injection, SQL authenication
Database replication to slave server
Slave server failover
Sync with UVU's oracle db? Query of 6 tables users
Group 6 Data from 5 tables
which assignments are public
based per user
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