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Schooling Options for Students

No description

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Schooling Options for Students

Public Schools
Public schools
were created so all students could attend school. Now teach literacy and computation, but also social and civil responsibilities and skills.
The National Governors Association, Council for Chief State School Officers, National Council for the Social Studies, and Common Core Standards
all seek to raise achievement in the schools.
have become available in some areas to move students from public schools, especially those not meeting AYP, to private schools. Most are funded through public funds.
Textbook Readings and Reference
Johnson, J.A., Musial, D., Hall, G.E., & Gollnick, D.M. (2014).
Foundations of American education: Becoming effective teachers in challenging times
(16th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.
Pages 141, 143, 148-152
Magnet Schools
Public schools with a focused curriculum on
arts, mathematics, and science
The purpose is to attract a
diverse population
of students from across the state or district.
Usually the faculty, parents, and students choose the school based on its curriculum focus.
Charter Schools
Public school created by
teachers, parents, and nonprofit organizations
under a contract with the state or district.
Designed to improve
academic performance
These schools
Montessori schools, Edison Schools, experiential learning schools, and KIPP ( Knowledge Is Power Program) academies.
Virtual Schools
Virtual schools
are offered online.
Available through all educational years, usually
offered to those who can't go to an in-person course or for credit recovery
Are generally
tuition-free public charter schools
Private, Parochial, and Home Schools
Private schools
are free to practice own philosophy of education and can vary school-to-school.
Parochial schools
are a type of private school supported by a religious affiliation.
Some researchers have found a higher rate of academic achievement for those in religious institutions.
Home schools
offer learning in home, usually taught by parents.
An option for parents who reported wanting more freedom in religious or moral instruction, concern in school environment, and dissatisfaction with the academic instruction of other schools.
Schooling Options for Students
Thank you!
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