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AP US HISTORY Lewis & Clark

No description

Ani Greenspan

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of AP US HISTORY Lewis & Clark

Made by: Ani Greenspan The Lewis & Clark Expedition President Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory in 1803. WHO WERE LEWIS AND CLARK?! In only two years, four months and ten days, the Corps of Discovery covered over 7,780 miles. THE CORPS OF DISCOVERY Throughout the expedition, the Corps of Discovery encountered many native tribes. WORLDS COLLIDE! The United States became more geologically informed
more maps were made
more people began to move to the western parts of the United States
more people learned of the country's vast natural resources

We had good encounters with the Native Americans and left the two cultures on good terms for the time being RESULTS FROM THE EXPEDITION: The Louisiana Purchase This purchase more than doubled the size of the United States. He appointed Meriwether Lewis to explore the new lands Captain Meriwether Lewis President Jefferson's
personal secretary Scientist who kept
records during the
trip and kept detailed
notes on the
animals and plants
that they found William Clark Met Lewis when
they were both in
the army... Lewis
asked Clark to join the expedition Clark was the
geographer who kept journals with drawings and maps and Lewis was given $2,500.00 from congress in order to purchase supplies and services needed for the expedition. All together, there were 59 men and one dog that were apart of the corps. The ultimate goal of the expedition was to build good relations with the natives and to find a northwest passage across the United States Lewis and Clark were joined by a 17 year old Shoshone Indian girl named Sacagawea. Sacajawea served as a very helpful resource when it came to communicating and negotiating with other tribes. BUT... WHO IS SACAGAWEA!? Sacagewea is seen today as a national symbol as the face on the United States Dollar coin. http://www.pbs.org/lewisandclark/archive/idx_jou.html On the following website you can search through the journals written by members of the Corps of Discovery! WANT MORE LEWIS & CLARK?!
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