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No description

stella ainalis

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of light

Light by Stella Ainalis
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
pitch black

If you are in a pitch black room and you cant see any thing unless there is something reflecting on a object you would see it, but if you were in a room with a window it would make a big difference because you can see objects that are in the room around you.
what is a shadow
Shadows appear with light only if you stand in front of the sun or light you see a shadow appear in front of you. Shadows cant be caused in a dark spot like under a tree behind a wall unless there is light reflecting on you.

my 2nd experiment
We made a graph and it was called in the ''dark" and on the graph we had yes no unsure and there was 6 questions. One of the 6 question was the boy will be able to see a owl if he has a torch or a candle will he be able to see the owl i said yes and it was correct because its like if your out side at night and you have a torch you can see whats in front of you.
did you know
Some lights can make you have bad eye sight or you can get blind from the sun or a torch with a lot of light and car light can really damage your eye sight.
my 1st experiment
We got a box and we made a light whole and put a random object in it and and looked if we could see the object and we could. Then we covered the whole and had a look and and we couldn't see the object that was in it.
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