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25 of sept

No description

Alison Brink

on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of 25 of sept

la cultura

You will need loose leaf notebook paper
to turn in and your spiral notebook for
Listen as the native speaker pronounces words in Spanish correctly and incorrectly
el cuento
Hay un lobo. El lobo se llama Bob. Bob vive en una montaña. Bob habla italiano y escucha música en italiano. Bob está enojado. Está enojado porque no hay pizza en las montañas. A Bob le gusta la pizza.

Bob va a Sandy. Hay pizza en Sandy. Bob come la pizza, pero no le gusta. Bob está triste, y llora.

Bob corre a Gresham, en Gresham hay pizza. Bob come la pizza. ¡Le gusta la pizza! Bob está feliz.
draw 4 picture illustrating the story you just read
Write a caption in Spanish for each of your pictures. You may copy the caption from the story.
On your loose leaf notebook paper
la meta
Students will be able to identify correct pronunciation of ´"i" when spoken by a native speaker
Hoy es viernes el ventitres de septiembre
Students will demonstrate memorization of the basic conversational vocab
Students will practice the active vocabulary, and demonstrate knowledge of past vocab
Hispanics make up the largest minority population
in the United States.

there are 4 ways to say A or AN in Spanish

1. ___________ colegio
2. ___________ muchacha
3. ___________ alumnas
4. ___________ amigo
5. ___________ escuela
6. ___________ muchachos
7. ___________ amiga
8. ___________ profesora
9. ___________ libros
10. ___________ día
11. ___________ alumno
12. ___________ taco
13. ___________ enchilada
14. ___________ tortillas
15.___________ mochila

use the correct form of A/AN in Spanish
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