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Maggie's Dilemma

No description

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Maggie's Dilemma

Maggie Sells Her Speech Services
to a New Buyer
Maggie is a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) in a large urban school district. Her services are needed because of a shortage of SLP's. Maggie is considered extremely effective by her colleagues and has been called one of the best SLP's that one administrator has ever had.
New Assignment
Maggie was once again assigned to a high-needs elementary school she had worked in during the previous year and a half. She was the only SLP at the school and had an overload of students. The school was required to provide SLP services. However, Maggie was also assigned bus duty one day a week for an hour before and after school.
As standard practice, Maggie met with teachers and following considerable effort and negotiation, was able to work out a schedule that allowed her to provide SLP services to all of the students on her caseload without removing them from class during critical times of numeracy and literacy instruction, nor during the required daily hours of test-preparation.
The assistant principal asked Maggie to come to her office. The AP explained that she was needed for lunch duty three days per week. Maggie was willing to do the lunch duty but realized that it would conflict her current schedule. Maggie reported that she could not rearrange her schedule to do the lunch duty.
Maggie's Professional Duties
Highly Specialized
Extensive Testing & Assessment
Small Group Sessions
Extensive Paperwork
Record Keeping
Maggie contacted her supervisor and the contracting agency to discuss the situation. However, Maggie felt a strong commitment to complete her assignment, but she was concerned with her ability to effectively provide services in her current situation. The agency offered to place her in another school. After much thought, Maggie decided to comply and do the lunch duty anyway.
The AP told Maggie that she was a "contracted worker" and that she needed to be a team player if she wanted to continue working at the school
Maggie was given a revised schedule that the AP created.
The schedule did not fit with the teachers' schedule.
Teachers were contacted about the schedule revisions.
Maggie felt that she was not treated as a professional.
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