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Parent Functions and Transformations

Parent funcions: linear, quadratic, cubic, rational, square root and their transformations using vertex form

Krista Flowers

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Parent Functions and Transformations

Parent Functions and Transformations A set of basic functions used as building blocks for more complicated functions. There are 5
Parent Functions! Linear Quadratic Cubic Rational Square Root How a graph moves on the coordinate plane! Up
Right Parts of Vertex Form a= a constant h represents the x in an (x,y) coordiante k represents the y in an (x,y) coordinate PLEASE NOTE the h is NEGATIVE!!! We call it a VERTICAL shift.
Your graph will go up if positive
and down if negative, the stated
number of units! Since K represents "y" in the (x,y) coordinate, y goes up and down like a wall. We call it a Horizontal shift.
Your graph will go right if negative
and left if positive, the stated
number of units! Since H represents "x" in the (x,y) coordinate, x goes left and right like the horizon. REMEMBER it is opposite...because... We call this a FLIP. It will cause your graph to flip upside down. We call it a STRETCH. It will make the graph skinnyier We call it a SHRINK. It will make your graph Fatter.
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