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Listing Prezi

No description

Sean Schellsmidt

on 20 March 2017

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Transcript of Listing Prezi

Strong Negotiation
Structuring the Deal
Good negotiators (agents) are hard to find.
We NEVER Disclose ANYING to the other side.
Or to anyone.
We're tough in negotiating but our goal is that YOU WIN! We must protect you (by law) and hold the other party accountable with strict deadlines, contingencies and terms.
Be Creative & put a lot of thought
into our contracts
Proper Pricing
What Really Sells Houses?
Your Goals?
What has been your experience with real estate agents?
What have you liked and what could have been better?
What is your biggest expectation of your agent? (Local knowlege, Pricing, marketing, open house, responsiveness?)

When it comes to the condition your home, who’s opinion matters from now on?
Exposure & Marketing
The condition of the home tells a story to the buyer(s). We help you create that story.

What happens when a home is priced correctly?
Maximum Exposure
1st 2 weeks are when we get the most momentum
1st 2 weeks are when we receive multiple offers
We have negotiating power It's rare to get a low-ball offer the 1st 14 days.
You don't have to pay extra mortgage, tax, utilities etc..
The most successful sales we've had are pricing correctly from the get-go.
Who or what ultimately determines the final sale Price?
a. The Realtor
b. The seller
c. The buyer
d. The Market
having the capacity to function in a particular way - to achieve the desired result.
Understand the pulse of market
Understanding the competition
Understand today's buyers
We give
you and your home
the attention it deserves.

Is it worth it to make repairs
and how will you know?
All our marketing
efforts are
geared towards ONE thing.
Can you guess what that is?
School District
Floor plan
....Doesn't matter
This is also what you measure when hiring your agent
Experience and Competence
How do we build Trust?
Through our marketing.
The condition of the home.
How we respond to the buyers.
How Blanca & Sean interact with the other Realtor
How they perceive us. Are we likeable?
Disclosure - Always disclose what you know about that might affect the enjoyment of the property.
Everything is measured on trust.

It takes a lot of
creativity to bring some deals
To truly represent a client we believe that a real estate agent has to
genuinely care about their clients. And we do!

If you trust us,
You'll hire us.

Are we competent?
Do you trust our marketing?
Do you trust that we'll represent you and protect your interests?

We spend a lot of time
behind the scenes researching
current market sales & the competition.
What's different about US and our marketing?
Team focused on our clients.
Zillow Featured Listing.
Drone photography and Video
360 Virtual Media
List of new upgrades and home features online and sent to every showing.
Beautiful, high quality brochures (and mini brochures).
Facebook listing advertisement campaign.
We hire a Professional Stager.
Paint specialist
PRE MLS Marketing. Posted to Results connect to over 900 agents.
Adwerx listing campaign.
RE/MAX Luxury Collection site - extra exposure.
Open houses
Create your Neighborhood Social Profile.
Your home will have it's own website. www.Grove2Story.com
Letter from the sellers to the buyers - story telling lifestyle

Standard Marketing:
Detailed Market Analysis
Road signs
30-70 high resolution pictures
Improvement ideas
House packet. Area info, parks, schools, shopping etc
Open House
Social media marketing - and we'll use your social sphere to raise awareness (if you want)
Laminated brochures
bi-weekly seller reports
In a perfect world, WHEN would you be like to
Moved into your next home?
What's your main concern about this transition?
We've been selling real estate since 2006.
Husband and wife team gives more attention to clients.
Sean is a Minneapolis Native, growing up in Golden Valley, he knows each city very well.
We sell all over the metro which allows us to market to a larger area and bring more exposure to our listings.
We specialize in Custom Homes/New Construction Move-up buyers, Relocation.
Educating and couching the consumer is very important to us.
We're 100% paperless & Mobile.
Blanca's Law background is a perfect match for real estate.
We sell around 50 homes per year.
Our whole team is Bilingual.
Sean has taken the technology experience from Geek Squad and merged it with our Real Estate business to always remain on cutting edge.
We sit on the board of a Non-Profit Home for Women in Minneapolis called Mercy House Minneapolis. Our clients also support it as they work with us.
Instead, Let's do a case study on an actual listing
Your house will have
it's own website
In this presentation, we will cover 3 main points.

1. What are your goals and what is most important to you with the sale of your home?

2. A brief summery of who we are and the RE/MAX presence in this area.

3. You'll learn the 5 keys of selling homes.
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