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Improved Native Pig Raising

A Livelihood Assistance Program

Evangeline Bantigue

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Improved Native Pig Raising

Livelihood Assistance Program
"Learning While Earning through
Improved Native Pig Raising"

Specific Objectives
to provide technical requirements/ innovations necessary to improve farming system
to utilize locally available materials to minimize cost of inputs
to increase the technical know-how of farmers in native pig raising
to propagate Philippine native pigs
to contribute to the volume of supply of native pigs
to get additional income
General Methodology
will be provided with a packet of three (3) female and one (1) male native pig at 4-6 months as breeder stocks
pay book value of animals with a 10% interest after a year
marketing assistance shall be provided
three (3) beneficiaries (farmer-cooperator)
capability, willingness, cooperation
provide housing using materials available in the locality
use different mixtures of natural farming feeds
keep records for monitoring
Technical Assumptions
Type: Native Pigs
Age: 4-6 months
Acquisition Cost: Php 3,000/head
Rearing Period: 5 months (150 days)
Ave. No. of Farrowing in a year: 2
Weaning Age: 45 days
Ave. Weaned Piglets per Litter: 7
Mortality Rate: 5%
Market Weight: 30 Kg
to promote improved native pig production as a viable alternative for swine producers who cannot cope with the high price of commercial swine feeds and for those who do not have enough capital for housing and feeding
Technical Assumptions
Feeding Period: 3 weeks of age to 3 months - starter mix
4 months to market - grower mix
Breeder stocks - breeder mix
Housing: 16 sq.m. (4mx4m) using available materials (bamboo, nipa, coco lumber and coconut husk or coir dust as bedding)
Cost and Benefit Analysis
Gross Sale: (each farmer cooperator
40 growers (30 kg) x Php 3,000/hd Php 120,000.00
Cost of Stocks Php 12,000.00
10% interest 1,200.00
Cost of Feeds 71,000.00
Housing (non-cash) 5,000.00
Labor - 1 hr (non-cash) 7,300.00
Total: (cash-cost) Php 84,200.00

Net Profit: Php 35,800.00

ROI: 42.52%

Net Profit/mo of @ farmer-cooperator (12months)
Php 2,983.33
Budgetary Requirement
Cost of stocks (one municipality)

3 male native pig (@Php 3,000 each) Php 9,000.00
9 female native pig (@Php 3,000 each) 27,000.00

TOTAL Php 36,000.00
Thank you!!!
PVO Demo Farm - Native Pig Production
As of July 9, 2013

Boar - 2
Junior boar - 1
Sow - 19
Fattener - 55
Piglets - 18
Sale - 17
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