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Trends in dialogue marketing

A little more about how brands use dialogue marketing

Dennis de Koning

on 15 July 2011

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Transcript of Trends in dialogue marketing

trends in dialogue marketing powered by Trend 1: Marketing Process Management The conclusion of a study by Forrester:

62% of all questioned IT and business decision makers already state, that the investments in modern CRM concepts have led to greater customer satisfaction.

54% saw the decrease as having a positive impact and

38% even registered an increase in their turnover. Trend 2: Centralising Data and Privacy Handling Majority of businesses operate with seperate data silos.

In 4 out of 5 companies, customer data and the knowledge associated with it, are stored in separate, not linked systems and are partly redundant and often outdated.

Last but not least, growing demands on legal implications are turning into a real issue. The concepts and systems in use are often dated, grown over time and unsuitable for modern dialogue marketing and the management of terms and conditions for data usage required for it. >> Improvement of proof and expansion of the consent for data usage will ultimately become an urgent task! Trend 3: Individualisation in Real-time Instead of One-off Segmentation With the clearance and centralisation of existing data, the first step is taken. However, the capacity to dynamically process marketing data will be demanding as well as decisive for future competitiveness of companies.

Many companies still restrict themselves to the collection and storage of data from customer relations, which are then in the best case scenario evaluated in diagrams and presentations.

Annual analyses for the segmentation of target groups and planning of improvement measures in view of the continuously increasing speed of customer trends are no more up to date.

Instead, infrastructures are required, which can cope with the granularisation of customer segments and support a processing of information, that allows marketing decisions in real-time. This is the basis for the required automation of the marketing processes. Trend 4: Social CRM 70% of participants in a study by detecon believe that social media is an important service channel of the future.

A dialogue is easily established through social media and response can be automated through dynamic software. Trend 5: User Engagement Throughout All Channels Complexibility of combining all channels is growing

This means, in 2011, marketers need to further press ahead the network of channels in the dialogue concept and the technology behind it.

Lead generation and dialogue marketing are now not only taking place via a handful of touch points, but via all channels. Dialogue Dialogue (sometimes spelled dialog in American English) is a literary and theatrical form consisting of a written or spoken conversational exchange between two or more people. So how do you initiate a succesful
dialogue to someone you could hardly know? Hitting the right person, at the right time, with the right offer. authenticity as the dialogue initiator is
seen as an important issue with todays
merging of the channels. Social media is a strong tool to create
a relationship and with todays technology an
efficient channel to deliver your message. E-mail plays a crucial role in dialogue marketing due to the recent mobile developments and possibilites. It is seen as the most effective channel for customer relationship building for modern companies. Dialogue = relationship! Brands also give their customers attention when they haven't seen them in a while... They also keep in touch with you through all possible channels... They win you back when you were about to leave... Brands care for you and want to get to know you better... When you are happy,
they are happy... A relationship wouldn't be a relationship,
without a proper dialogue... With the combination of all channels a dialogue will develop into a conversation between brands and fans. Important is to know what channels your fans use. Make it easy for them to interact an follow your messages. Most of all, listen to them... Because social media is a fast evolving market is hard to use the full power & reach... Two Three (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr One Therefore email is an efficient way to reach your fans and keep them posted. Use specific trigger events to introduce them to news and offers. Use other channels to support your message and make specific target groups easy to reach. Mobile for the younger generation. Postal for the elders. Interact with your fans on the internet. Make sure you empower your fans to interact on your online presence. This will give you crucial information to feed your dialogue with them. With Copernica marketing software you can reach your target group by splitting them into interesting segmentations and delivering the right message to them, at that specific moment...
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