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Untitled Prezi

Gabe Newell


on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Who is Gabe Newell?
Gabe Logan Newell (born November 3, 1962) is the co-founder and managing director of video game development and online distribution company Valve Corporation. He lives in the US with his wife Lisa Newell and two sons. He was a very intelligent person who dropped out from Harvard university to ultimately become a billionaire.

Career History
He spent 13 years working with Microsoft earning a large sum of money and giving him the nickname "Microsoft millionaire".
In 1996, finding a hidden interest to develop video games. He left Microsoft with another employee, Mike Hariington to found Valve.
Another person, Michael Abrash joined them and finally their team dug in to create a sci-fi themed first person shooter of their own called Half-Life.
Launched in November 1998, the game was a massive hit and millions of copies were sold.
In 2003, Mike left company making Gabe the standalone CEO.
The same year, the company change its name from Valve LLC to Valve corporation and released a digital game store, Steam.
It has improved a lot till present date and has over a 100 million users.
What made him so successful?
This is because:
He has managed to keep the standard of games that Valve(his company) produces really high as a lot of people admire his work
He is not money-minded as seen by him giving lots of free giveaways and addons.
He takes time and carefully select creative people to work while running a highly profitable company.
He reads and responds to a lot of fan email.
What skills does he possess?

He was a software designer and producer for Microsoft before creating his own company, Valve. He also studied at Harvard University.
he created valve
he developed games
he help in writing the first 3 versions of windows
he made steam
he created some pretty famous games: half life 2 and half life 1
What skills do entrepreneurs need to possess?
What you have learnt from the research project?
I learned that these entrepreneurs who have become successful in life have worked hard in life to be who they are now and you cannot expect to get anything to get done unless you put in an effort. Sometimes you have to follow your dreams and own ideas rather than listen to other people if you want to be successful in life.
It is a multiplayer videogames distribution platform made by gaming entrepreneur Gabe Newell
Made by:


Famous games he created
Communication. It is an underlying skill for many others in business
Long-Term Investment
Sales. This one is a no-brainer--of course you are going to need sales skills in order to run your business!
Finding qualified employees
Planning. Taking one bad step can make or break your business, especially when it is still in the early stages of development
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