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The subcutaneous chip issue

This prezi deals with the issue of microchip. Is it dangerous ?

alix ploy

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of The subcutaneous chip issue

The Subcutaneous chip issue What is Subcutaneous chip? What are the benefits from such a technology ? Where can we found it? Can it be dangerous for human ? Intersting articles about this issue: Microchip is injected under the skin of human beings to provide biometric verification. It contains a unique ID number within you have information contained in an external database, such as the name and picture of the people,his social security number, fingerprints,family genealogy, personal identification, medical history, medications, allergies, contact information and the localisation of the holder. How it was made of? From a medical side:If the lithium battery exploded can be dangerous for the health.Waves emitted by the chip may affect the health of the holder. Cancers were provocated in the mouse head due to this chip, it has health impacts.

Material consequences:The virtual money is more controlable, citizen are more and more sought to use credit card.

Personnal consequences :The holder is spotted in the whole world by gps system, this can be view as spying and affect the freedom. Problem of invasion of privacy

Some people (firms, governement) can use it to control the population...On the web we can find a lot of articles against this issue condidered as really ethical dangerous problem. They said they inject in you this chip for your medical exam but in fact they will control you...




This last url have to be taken lightly but it show how people are afraid about this chip
http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTE3NTg4NDEy.html The subcutaneaous chip was found by a doctor called Karl W Sanders in 1968.He works for a lots of governmental organizations. The microchip was made with a lithium battery and a thermo-eletric reload. It is reload by the change of temperature of the human body, this gave to the chip an unlimited life. A firm called "Applied digital" created "VeriChip": a brand whic sold it radio requency identification (RFID) microchip. Nowadays, it was used for the marking of the cattle, whale, for animals.
But the firm likes to launch it for the marking of pets, geolocation for kidnapping.

Verichip launch his an new ad: buy a RFID for 200 dollars to access to your medical check.

Moreover, it exists law project proposed to the congress, which allowed in the future to inject the microchip in children's body for identification. Spotted My point of view It can be really helpful for the geolocation: for a kidnapping, people who have Alzheimer,hostages ect.
Rapidity of the information, don't need papers like credit card, medical papers...A night club in Spain implement this: the best clients have a microchip injected to avoid having a wallet.
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